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wickenburg-az.com Celebrates Eight Years with Call for New Authors

This month, wickenburg-az.com celebrates its EIGHTH YEAR providing information about and for the town of Wickenburg, AZ.

Eight years is a long time for any Web site and, throughout the years, wickenburg-az.com has seen many changes. Begun in 1999 as a community Web site for local businesses, organizations, and residents to share information about Wickenburg, it soon evolved into a repository of articles about the town by a limited number of contributors. Some regular contributors — such as Official State Liar, Jim Cook — have provided content since the very beginning of the site’s existence and continue to do so today. Others — like John Aabbott — have come and gone throughout the years, contributing only when they had something important to say.

Recently, wickenburg-az.com has gained a bunch of new contributors who add new content to the site on a semi-regular basis. People like Scott Rogers (AKA, Tommy Knocker), Alan Hall, and Lee Pearson are adding articles and photos that help wickenburg-az.com visitors learn about Wickenburg’s extensive outdoor opportunities and the history of the area.

But as wickenburg-az.com moves into its ninth year, we’re interested in more content about more topics. So I’m putting out a new call for contributors.

Can you assemble words into sentences and paragraphs? Can you take photos with a digital camera? Can you send text and photos via e-mail to a kindly editor anxious to get both? If you answered yes to these questions, you have all the skills necessary to be a wickenburg-az.com content contributor!

Need some ideas? Check the navigation bar on the right side of every page. Look under the word “Topics” and you’ll see the kinds of things we want to share with site visitors. Click a topic link to read examples of published articles. Have something you want to say? Don’t keep it to yourself! Say it online, where it can be read by thousands of people. You can read the section titled “Become a Content Contributor” on the Authors page to learn more.

When you’re ready to join the growing ranks of wickenburg-az.com content contributors, use the Contact Us link at the top of the page to get in touch with me or the current Webmaster.

Don’t be shy! Help us build wickenburg-az.com to be better than ever!

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