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The Monsoon Is Near

The monsoon is near, which means that during summer, July thru September, the winds over Arizona and New Mexico, that normally tend to come from the west to northwest, shift direction and come from the south to southwest. This shift brings moisture-laden air from the Gulf of Mexico, Gulf of California and the Pacific Ocean. As the air moves inland the sun adds its heat and the mountains force the air to rise, thus creating thunderstorms.

These storms generally develop during the early to late afternoon and on into the evening, usually ending by late evening. Monsoon storms …

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The Snake in My Cactus

I was on the phone with Verizon, asking them to turn off the “tether” feature for my Treo, when I glanced out my window. I was just in time to see a snake slither up the side of the 20-foot saguaro 10 feet away — the same cactus in this site’s WebCam.

I finished up my business, grabbed my new camera with its zoom lens, threw on the first pair of shoes I found (which happened to be Mike’s), and dashed outside. The 103°F heat hit me like a hammer but didn’t slow me down. A moment later, I was …

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Chinese Homing Socks

Fearing embarrassment, the podiatrist swore me to secrecy. But this story is too important to ignore, so I’ll simply omit his name. …

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Date Creek Ranch

Looking for a Family or Group Summer Outing?

Date Creek is your answer. The ranch is located along beautiful Date Creek, a riparian oasis within the Joshua tree-studded desert bisected by Highway 93 as it heads north from Wickenburg to Kingman.

Historically, Date Creek served as a resting spot on the roadway from Prescott, territorial capital, to population centers developing in the Phoenix valley and the Old Pueblo of Tucson. A reminder of the importance of this route is the protective presence of Date Creek Fort, a military outpost, the remains of which are several miles away from Date Creek …

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Hiking in the Upper Hassayampa River

by Allan Hall and Lee Pearson

As the warm season approaches, most people abandon the idea of hiking in the mountains and gulches surrounding Wickenburg; preferring to wait until at least October to resume such activities. If you have never hiked the upper Hassayampa River between Williams Ranch and Buckskin Canyon, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that this is a relatively easy hike which takes you through a rich riparian habitat full of interesting vegetation and wildlife. For a “warm season” hiker, there is the added advantage that the change in elevation (from start to finish) is less …

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