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Storm Clouds Over Wickenburg

There were lots more exciting storms in the Wickenburg area today, and the view here was from my front porch, facing SE at around 4pm.

A Summer Vacation

Last year our friends Adrian and Efrosine Richards invited my wife Sharon and I to spend some time sailing with them in their boat. But alas, we had prior commitments, something about our 50th wedding anniversary, and so had to decline. They asked again this year and our answer had to be YES because they may not ask a third time.

We’ve sailed before with other friends when living in the Seattle area but those were just day trips, not for an extended period of time. But this trip is extra special in that we will be spending the month …

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The Short History of the Surprise & Dismay Railroad

An apocryphal story says the city of Surprise was named because someone was surprised that anyone would build a town there. That story may be truer than you think. …

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Turkey Vulture

I found this turkey vulture out on Cherokee Lane yesterday morning. He objected to my presence and was about to depart. How can any creature so homely be so beautiful in flight?

Timelapse Movies Now Available via E-Mail

Just a quick note to let visitors know that the timelapse movies from our WebCam are now available for daily distribution by e-mail. The files are approximately 1.4MB in size and they will be delivered daily by e-mail at approximately 8 PM MST.

If you’re interested in having these timelapse movies delivered to your e-mail in box, please Contact the Webmaster. Be sure to provide your e-mail address. All e-mail addresses will be checked for validity before the files are sent. Your e-mail address will not be shared with others or used for any other purpose. You can reply to …

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