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A Summer Vacation

Last year our friends Adrian and Efrosine Richards invited my wife Sharon and I to spend some time sailing with them in their boat. But alas, we had prior commitments, something about our 50th wedding anniversary, and so had to decline. They asked again this year and our answer had to be YES because they may not ask a third time.

We’ve sailed before with other friends when living in the Seattle area but those were just day trips, not for an extended period of time. But this trip is extra special in that we will be spending the month of July plying the waters off the eastern seaboard of Sweden — a once in a life time opportunity! And the cost is even better, just airfare! No food, no beverages, nothing else to buy… just get our bodies from Wickenburg AZ to Stockholm!

Soon to learn a trip almost too good to be true! Skipper Adrian advised me that it was necessary to obtain a Radiotelephone Operators Permit. Except for the most naive, this is the first clue about additional duties. It means more than lounging in a cush chair, sippin’ suds and watching the world go by! Seldom is there such a thing as a “free lunch” so this came as no surprise. Being at least 3rd in command, and more likely 4th after my wife, I suspicion even additional possible assignments such as a deckhand or “KP” duties, not just being a radiotelephone operator.

The Aphrodite

Sail BoatI prefer being a “Deckhand 4th Class” over “KP”, but exactly what would that entail on a 31 foot sailboat, the APHRODITE? Yes, yet another possible clue… the meaning of Aphrodite! Should start worrying? Then maybe not to worry for it could be the best vacation ever! I’ll give you a full report should we make it back. In the meantime we wish you “smooth sailing” where ever this summer finds you.

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1 comment to A Summer Vacation

  • Patricia

    Wickenburg residents sound like a great group of individuals. Hope to visit one day. Enjoy your website and conservation efforts.
    My home is in the Northend of Tacoma, WA the past 24 hours has been a mix of wind, rain, snow (yes, snow), sunshine and blue skies…cold. Looking at your lovely photos has made me feel warm and cozy today!