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Storm Clouds Over Wickenburg

There were lots more exciting storms in the Wickenburg area today, and the view here was from my front porch, facing SE at around 4pm.

Wall of Rain

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7 comments to Storm Clouds Over Wickenburg

  • […] My friend Tom took a great photo of the storm cloud that passed through Wickenburg yesterday. I thought it might be interesting to see a timelapse for the same day: […]

  • Allan Hall

    I have spent nearly three years tyring to get a photo like this while sitting on top of the mountains east of Wickenburg. No photos that I’ve taken come close to the dramatic quality that you have captured.

  • Charles Thornsbury

    Wow! This is exactly one of the events I have tried to describe to people back here in Kentucky without much success. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and this one is indeed proof of that. Keep the photos coming!
    Many a thanks!

  • Peggy

    I ran across your web site today. It has brought back so many fond memories of growing up in Wickenburg. To me there is no more beautiful desert in the whole Southwest.

    I live in Austin Tx now, and truly enjoy traveling around the Hill Country when the wild flowers are in bloom, but looking at the pictures makes me homesick for the spectacular Arizona sunsets and beautiful desert.

    You have a great website, I enjoyed your articles and the lovely pictures, I’ll be back!

  • this was a down day . just remembering good times in wickenburg and pulled up you sight. love the pictures and the articals. my husbands ashes are spread at the park along constellation under a cactus. thankyou for a good thing.

  • carl getlin

    this morning i seen a gold claim for sale so thouhgt i would look up what part oa arizona it was in ,turns out it is right out by wickenburg i was raised in pheonix ,now live in oklahoma and i spent a lot of time around wickenburg and lake alamo back in the 70s … i found your page and started thinking of how small wickenburg was back then i geuss i has grown a little bit eh ,well that is some good shots of the rain and sun set