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Top Names in Wickenburg

Excerpted from An Eclectic Mind.

I bitch a lot about Wickenburg, and that’s normally all my critics see on this site. So this will be a secret from them, one I’m happy to share with local readers.

The Del Webb Center for the Performing Arts, located at Wickenburg High School on South Vulture Mine Road, has yet another season full of top-name artists. This relatively small venue is a great place to see a concert or dance performance or comedy. Best of all, it’s right here in Wickenburg.

I just bought tickets for two performances: David Benoit: A Charlie Brown …

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Why Do You Live In Wickenburg?

Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot of grumbling from folks who don’t like some of the things we’ve got to say here about Wickenburg. Oddly enough, none of them have stepped forward and offered to write down their thoughts about the town. I guess it’s a lot easier for them to complain. But if they actually care about the town, they should be willing to share their thoughts

So now I’m challenging Wickenburg residents to share their thoughts about the town here, in a forum that’s accessible to and read by thousands of people all over the world. And in …

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Hiking Through Legend & History in Middle Slim Jim Creek

This article is the second in a series about hiking in Slim Jim Creek – an area that is rich in scenery, wildlife, stunning geology and mining history. The historical records for this area are far from complete and it is not uncommon to find contradictory statements from people who are otherwise well-informed and intentioned. Such contradictions usually make the distinction between “legend” and “history” all the more-difficult. I hope this article will inform and inspire you to both enjoy and preserve a piece of Arizona that may one day slide into oblivion without our collective efforts to protect it.

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Retail Leakage Promoted by Wickenburg Sun

I sent this “letter to the editor” to the Wickenburg Sun on July 25th, after reading Mr. Cloe’s editorial about local shopping. He has not posted my article in the past two weeks, and I suspect that he never will. Can’t say that I’m surprised.

Here’s the letter:

Mr. Cloe:

I find your editorial submission “Responses to ‘shop local’ offer an interesting variety” to be interesting but predictable, considering the source.

What really strikes me is that, contained within your paper this week is a six page advertising section for Albertsons, a grocery chain that is not even located in …

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In a Flash: Flood

Many of you heard about the monsoonal storms that seemed to favor Wickenburg last Wednesday. An acquaintance visiting France even emailed asking about it.

So my great hilltop was quite the place to experience all the weather related drama. Apparently, two Phoenix news stations thought so too, because as the rain subsided, their helicopters showed up, hovering directly overhead, presumably to capture “my” wash, turned river.

The storms developed early in the day, and by 10am, there was a lone cluster of cells, just around Wickenburg. Interestingly, build-ups at this time of year here, almost always start moving one way …

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