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Retail Leakage Promoted by Wickenburg Sun

I sent this “letter to the editor” to the Wickenburg Sun on July 25th, after reading Mr. Cloe’s editorial about local shopping. He has not posted my article in the past two weeks, and I suspect that he never will. Can’t say that I’m surprised.

Here’s the letter:

Mr. Cloe:

I find your editorial submission “Responses to ‘shop local’ offer an interesting variety” to be interesting but predictable, considering the source.

What really strikes me is that, contained within your paper this week is a six page advertising section for Albertsons, a grocery chain that is not even located in Wickenburg.

They are, however, located in reasonable proximity to Wal-Mart, Home Depot and Lowes in Surprise; as well as the Arrowhead Mall complex in Peoria.

Add to this the availability of a large number of gas stations that offer better price value than anything available in Wickenburg, and even you can see why Wickenburg residents will combine their shopping needs into a trip to the Surprise area.

So, I guess that means the Wickenburg Sun is contributing to “retail leakage” by virtue of its advertising policy.

If you are so dedicated to fighting “retail leakage”, as you call it, then put your money where your mouth is and drop the weekly ads for Albertsons.

Let’s find out what kind of commitment you have to Wickenburg merchants – or the absence thereof.

On the other hand, you might consider doing your subscribers a service by carrying ads from the above named stores in the Surprise area. I’m sure this would add to your profit margin.

By the way, your article speaks of retail services in Wickenburg that have a “laid back”, “lack of urgency” attitude which we are (for reasons that entirely escape me) supposed to be pleased with.

I purchased a Dodge truck two years ago in Phoenix because the local dealership didn’t carry the model on their lot and they were completely indifferent about my requirements – even after three visits.

Allan Hall

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9 comments to Retail Leakage Promoted by Wickenburg Sun

  • Thanks for sharing this, Allan.

    I’ve also been very frustrated by the inability to get certain products and services in town.

    Back in 1999, after waiting 4 months for the local dealer to deliver a Jeep I’d asked them to find for me — and reserved with a $500 deposit — I got fed up, got on the Internet, and found the Jeep I wanted in Scottsdale. It was in my driveway within 2 days. Interesting to see that the problem has not improved in 8 years.

    I want to support local business, but that “laid back” attitude is taken to extremes here. Half the contractors don’t even return your call; if you don’t catch them in their offices, you’re out of luck. Then try to get them to come to your home and give you an estimate!

    Yesterday, a local business owner tried to talk me out of using their “house call” service so I could “save money.” My time is worth a lot more than the fee they were going to charge. Now I’m still waiting for their promised callback.

    What many of Wickenburg’s businesses don’t realize is that not all of us are retired, with all the time in the world, watching every penny we spend. I’m willing to pay for convenience, but no one in this town seems interested in offering it.

    People wonder why I don’t write more here about local businesses. Truth be told, there are so few of them that deserve a positive write-up!

    What’s going to happen when they double the population here again?

  • TJF

    I have not lived here long enough to form a strong opinion about very many local businesses. I have been greeted with surliness on a couple occasions, which is certainly not what I consider “laid-back” behavior.There will always be items that won’t be found in a small town, and will, thus, have to be travelled for. As for inattentive service, there is never an excuse for that. Having come from a background of running a family business in a formerly sleepy little town that was subsequently overrun with malls and developments, I can speak from experience when I say that the local operators will need to offer not just adequate, but OUTSTANDING service if they wish to prevent being squashed like the proverbial bug by the various big-box stores. As these store draw nearer or, perish the thought, land in town only fierce loyalty generated by superior service will prevail. We prospered in the shadow of the behemoths, but broke our backs to build stong customer relationships, and were willing to make dramatic, sometimes painful changes to our operation. Local businesses should take heed.

  • I am the editor of The Wickenburg Sun. As such, I receive and publish Letters to the Editor. I am sorry to say that I never received Mr.Hall’s letter. I would have been happy to publish it, as we published a couple of letters with similar views.
    If a letter is not published within a week or two, feel free to give me a call and ask why. It just might be that I never received it.

    Thank you.

  • Allan Hall

    Ms. Thomas:
    My comments were sent via email to the Wickenburg Sun on July 25th at 4:40 PM. I have resent the email to you again using the same address as before: “editor@wickenburgson.com”.

    Since I did not recieve a “delivery failure” notice, there would be no particular reason to believe that the Sun was exercising anything other than indifference.
    Best regards,
    Allan Hall

  • Allan Hall

    Oops – forgive the typo in my previous note!
    The email was sent to: editor@wickenburgsun.com, (not wickenburgson.com, as Ms. Thomas can now confirm. Where is spell-check when you need it?

  • Never indifference, Mr. Hall, merely a matter of missing a legitimate email among hundreds of “spam” every day. Your letter will appear in next week’s Wickenburg Sun (8/22).

  • Carmen Stacy

    I just found this site today and put it in my favorites. I just had a run in with the town utilities department and made the comment that since we are forced to use their service they don’t feel the need for customer service anymore. They don’t even believe they have to be nice. I am so frustrated(?) with them, I am at my end! Could someone please tell me how a 2 person household without a dishwasher, washing machine or lawn could use 58,000 gallons of water in 21 days?
    Thanks for listening!

  • Allan Hall

    Hello Carmen:
    I am no expert in these matters, but you might want to see if you have a leak somewhere in your water line. My water consumption averages less than 20,000 gallons per month – and that is with a family of three plus a drip irrigation system. Your report shows that you are using more water in one week (27,600 gallons) than I consume in a month.

    A simple test would be to turn off all of your faucets and check your meter over a period of two or three hours. If the meter continues to show a flow of water, you probably have a leak somewhere.
    Good luck!

  • Carmen Stacy

    Thanks Allan. I had a friend tell me that and plan on doing it in the morning. I’ll let you know what happens. I just think it is funny that everyone I have talked with, can’t understand that that is a huge amount of water.