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Why Do You Live In Wickenburg?

Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot of grumbling from folks who don’t like some of the things we’ve got to say here about Wickenburg. Oddly enough, none of them have stepped forward and offered to write down their thoughts about the town. I guess it’s a lot easier for them to complain. But if they actually care about the town, they should be willing to share their thoughts

So now I’m challenging Wickenburg residents to share their thoughts about the town here, in a forum that’s accessible to and read by thousands of people all over the world. And in case you’re stuck on a topic, here’s one to get you started: Why do you live in Wickenburg?

There are two ways to submit your article:

  • Use your computer to type up your article. Please put an extra blank line between paragraphs, as you see here. Then copy the entire content of your article, go to the Contact Us page here, and paste the article into the form. Please don’t forget to include your name and e-mail address in the form before sending it. (If we cannot e-mail you at the address you specified, we will not publish your work here.)
  • Use the Register link at the bottom of the Home page’s navigation bar to set up an account on wickenburg-az.com. Then use the editing tools to write a post and save it. It will not immediately appear online; it must be approved first. (That’s to prevent the site from being used by spammers.) This is the best option if you’re good with a computer and think you might want to write for wickenburg-az.com again in the future.

Of course, you can write about any Wickenburg-related topic for the site — we’re not picky. Share stories of your area experiences, tell us in some detail about one of your favorite business here in town, report on a recent community event that you think others might be interested in. All we ask is that you refrain from obvious commercial advertisements and commentary that could be considered libelous.

wickenburg-az.com is made possible by content contributors and supporters for the benefit of residents and visitors alike. If you’ve got something worth sharing, don’t keep it to yourself! Join jim, Lee, Allan, Neal, me, and the other wickenburg-az.com authors to help round out the site’s content for the benefit of all of us.

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3 comments to Why Do You Live In Wickenburg?

  • J. Stanley

    First of all this town feels like nothing more then a giant speed trap/ tourist attraction with wanting to keep everything western styled. Not there is anything wrong with keeping things westerned style; but it shouldn’t be at the point of excluding other businesses that may not want to be western styled in their building designs or any other form for that matter. It shames me that I have to drive almost 50 miles out of town to get a good book or movie that isn’t rental. The only place to get a book in Wickenburg is the Best Seller’s rack at the grocery stores which are just mostly romance novels and other fluff not of real literature merit. There is no civilization here. As far I am concerned Wickenburg might as well feel like it’s still back in the 1800s if not for modern inventions.

    I was forced to grow up here and ever since I turned 21 I’ve been trying to get out of this death trap town. But due to lack of decent paying jobs, lack of educational opportunities in the town, and the cost of living it is a very hard task. This is a town not for those between the ages of 20 and 40; unless you’re a tourist on vacation taking in the splendour of the western feel this town gives off.

    And then there is the riddicilious gas prices. They are out of their mind; almost charging near $3.00 a gallon. I have to go out the road to get gas; since they at least understand the concept of a free market economy and one is able to find deals on gas out the road. That they understand that charging different prices gives raise to the most healthy thing for an economy,competition.

    I have more to say; but I’ll reserve it for later. Just glad to vent some things off. Till next time.

  • Brett M. Gerasim

    We came to Wickenburg because we were tired of the rat race that had engulfed our once semi-rural hometown in Chester County, Pennsylvania. A good friend of ours had relatives that lived out here, and over time we transitioned out this way. It was great to see open space, horses, and small businesses again. It was also great to not spend half the year washing road salt off my car and shoveling the drive for four months out of the year. There is much to be said about the Western flair here, but I don’t think now is the time for that.

    It is true that Wickenburg is a difficult place for young people. The interesting part about that is that the same thing happened even as things urbanized back east. I received an excellent education there, no doubt about it. The trouble was that by the time I graduated, the economy was already shifting again, this time from industrial to post-industrial. Rapid growth shot the cost of living skyward, and that combined with the changing job market made Chester County a difficult place to live if you were entering the job market or on your way to retirement. If you weren’t between 35 and 50, it wasn’t the place for you to be. Though it had plenty of civilization, that did not translate into opportunity for my age group unless your dream was to run a cash register. No matter where you go, no education on earth is going to prepare you for how hard you have to work just to get by. It wasn’t that long ago for me, and I’m not really sure location helps that much.

    Baxter Black’s commentary “Smallville vs. Metropolis” is a very fitting commentary for Wickenburg. It is an easy place to run down, with all of its flaws readily apparent if you look around. That’s the same way in every other small town. Whether you want to put up with that for the sometimes less apparent benefits (clean air, lower crime, and a tighter knit community just to name a few) is a matter of personal opinion. I get frustrated with the town as well. That’s when I do my best to restrain my Irish-German temper and take measure of all I really do have. Corny, perhaps, but effective.

  • Amy Versetto

    I lived most of my life in Chicago and am really tired of cold winters and crowded neighborhoods. I think Wickenburg has great weather, open spaces, nature and great scenery. It’s also in driving distance to other great places.

    I, however, agree with some of the articles on this site that talk about how little the Chamber of Commerce and the people elected to run the town have done to bring businesses and tourist dollars into Wickenburg.

    What’s wrong with building places to shop on the outskirts of town? I would rather shop locally and never have to venture out to Surprise, etc. Also, why can’t we have cafes, restaurants, pubs, and other businesses in the downtown area and have them stay open later? I commonly see tourists who are staying in the hotels just wandering aimlessly around town looking for something to do in the evening.

    Wickenburg should make strides to be more like Cave Creek, but better. Why doesn’t the Chamber of Commerce (or whoever is in charge) try to encourage large businesses to invest in the town and create a place that visitors and young people, especially young families, want to be. It’s such a beautiful place and there’s so much more it can offer.