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Ocotillo Loop Trail

Now that the “dog days of summer” are nearly over, its time to locate your backpack and boots and get ready for some Desert Trekking. This is a hike that Dennis Orr and I made last March before the weather turned hot. While Ocotillo Loop[1] is not as spectacular as other treks [2], it offers two advantages: It’s in our “back yard” for us living in Wickenburg; and the trail head is easily accessible without the need of a 4-wheel drive vehicle.

Cemetery Wash (2001 Photo)

The Route: First, download and print the PDF map file [3] to help …

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The Pink Elephant in the Room

They tore down the old Mortise house in Peoria last week, erasing another rich nugget of Arizona history. Real estate agents who had tried to sell the old relic called it a “white elephant,” coming closer to the truth than they knew. …

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Wickenburg Flood: July 28, 2007

Webmaster Note: I’ve had these photos for a while but have just gotten around to putting them online. Many thanks to Norm for sharing these with us! – Maria

On July 28, 2007 heavy rain fell north and west of Wickenburg. These photos were taken in the Hassayampa River during the flood and are a good example of why we should never drive into floodwaters.

This photo was taken the next day. As you can see, both vehicles are complete wrecks.

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Moose Drool and Other Desert Droppings

(Revised 6-Sept-07)

A few weeks ago I was driving down Constellation Road as I was returning from a trip to locate on old mining settlement east of Wickenburg. As usual, I would stop along the road to pick up litter and toss it in the back of my truck. In the distance I could see a large container on the roadside, so I slowed down to make another pick up. When I reached this shiny object, the label identified itself as “Moose Drool.”

Mind you – I haven’t led an overly-protected life; but my first reaction was that someone had …

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