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Two More Businesses Close their Doors

It’s with great sadness that I’m removing two articles from wickenburg-az.com today.

The March Hare

The March Hare was one of my favorite restaurants in town. Located in a small house on West Wickenburg Way, it was the perfect place for a “girls lunch,” with lots of lace and doilies and pictures of animals on the walls. The two owners worked together to prepare and serve meals. And while lunch was always good — a selection of fresh quiche every day, as well as soups and a great chicken salad sandwich on croissant — dinner, served just one night a …

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Abandoned Mines – Avoiding a Deadly Pursuit

The lead photo in this article (Figure 1) shows a sign that most of you have probably never seen. In the decades that I’ve been hiking around mines in this state, this is the first and only barricade with a State Mine Inspector warning sign that I’ve ever encountered – and I have been to hundreds of mines that are every bit as dangerous as the shaft behind this barricade. The fine print on the sign states that “Entry into these workings is criminal trespass.” Hopefully, the rest of the sign speaks for itself.

Figure 1: Warning!

Interestingly, this …

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