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Observations on a Vision for Wickenburg – Part 3

We are all stewards of the past and future; whether you realize it or not, or whether you even agree. The only important question is whether we are good or poor at it – individually and as a community.

When I set out to propose a framework for a vision of Wickenburg?s future, I naively thought it could be done in a two-part article. As the research effort unfolded it became apparent that a treatment of these subjects in only two segments would be superficial at best, and might fail to inspire discussion and debate. After taking a closer …

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Litter Situation Out of Control on Constellation Road

For Shame!

Moments ago, I received a photo from the Moose Brigade with the note:

Here is a photo that you might want to consider using for the next (or future) Moose articles.

I removed 138 pieces of litter from a single spot this afternoon – and this is the result.

The site is a bit south of Constellation Road – east of the county line.

Here’s the photo:

I’m absolutely appalled at the quantity of trash concentrated in one spot. Did someone have a drinking party on Constellation Road recently? Or did they gather together this trash …

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Moose Drool and Other Droppings: November Report

Well folks, the monsoon season may have ended with a whimper, but the five month “wall of heat” has finally ended! Our stoic endurance once again proves that we are tougher than the average person and we can take a perverse pride in knowing we are entirely as resilient as coyotes and rattlesnakes. Year-round residents couldn’t be happier, of course – we like a cool day or two as much as anyone else. Here are the top ten indicators of the change in season:

10. You can walk barefoot to your mail box without getting blisters.

9. The rattlesnakes on …

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Observations on a Vision for Wickenburg – Part 2

Part 1 of this article concluded on the rather bleak observation that the factors which make Wickenburg a “destination location” are comprised of weak and transient contributors to the economic health and future of our town. It also noted the threat to our scenic habitat and an absence of a community vision of the future.

Without a vision you have nothing to assess or debate. It means that you have nothing that can inspire people to work toward a common end because no one can see the big picture. Without that vision, what you are left with is a form …

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wickenburg-az.com Gets Praise from Overseas

I recently received the following e-mail message from Jennie, a Glasgow-based author, on my wickenburg-az.com Webmaster e-mail account:

Hello there! I’m a writer, and in the course of my work I often research small towns in different countries. I’d just like to say that your pages about Wickenburg are among the most impressive I’ve seen. It’s really nice to see something which goes into so much detail and which has clearly been created by people who love the place. You’re a great example to communities everywhere.

Needless to say, I was flattered. I replied:

May I quote you on this?

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