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Litter Situation Out of Control on Constellation Road

For Shame!

Moments ago, I received a photo from the Moose Brigade with the note:

Here is a photo that you might want to consider using for the next (or future) Moose articles.

I removed 138 pieces of litter from a single spot this afternoon – and this is the result.

The site is a bit south of Constellation Road – east of the county line.

Here’s the photo:


I’m absolutely appalled at the quantity of trash concentrated in one spot. Did someone have a drinking party on Constellation Road recently? Or did they gather together this trash and just decide to leave it there?

The Moose Brigade picks up trash as a service to the community. Anyone can be a member of the brigade — just bend down and pick up the trash you see on hikes or 4WD trips out on the desert. Bring a bag with you, toss the trash in, and toss the bag into your garbage pail when you get home. It’s as simple as that.

The Moose Brigade does not exist to clean up after the disrespectful slobs that share the outdoors with us. There is absolutely no excuse to leave litter out in the desert. If you brought it in, you can bring it out.

If you see someone toss trash out of a car or truck window, take down his license plate number and report him to the police. That’s what I do. Littering is crime. If you witness a crime, report it.

This is our town. Do you care about it? If so, do the right thing. Don’t litter. Make an effort to pick up the trash you see. Report litterers to the police.

And for heaven’s sake, set a good example for your children and grandchildren. Teach them to do the right thing, too.

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2 comments to Litter Situation Out of Control on Constellation Road

  • Daryl

    Give the aluminum to the Veterans! Recycle the rest!

    You might sneak a photo with your phone. But,
    don’t confront these idiots. Report them to the appropriate agency, Maricopa or Yavapai Sheriff’s Offices outside the city limits.

  • Allan Hall

    After three days of litter removal in this area, the Moose Brigade has picked up 272 cans and bottles. The area is still far from “clean”, however.