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wickenburg-az.com Gets Praise from Overseas

I recently received the following e-mail message from Jennie, a Glasgow-based author, on my wickenburg-az.com Webmaster e-mail account:

Hello there! I’m a writer, and in the course of my work I often research small towns in different countries. I’d just like to say that your pages about Wickenburg are among the most impressive I’ve seen. It’s really nice to see something which goes into so much detail and which has clearly been created by people who love the place. You’re a great example to communities everywhere.

Needless to say, I was flattered. I replied:

May I quote you on this?

Sadly, the local Chamber of Commerce, Town Council, and newspaper are constantly bashing me (mostly behind my back), saying that I hate Wickenburg. It’s nice to see that someone out there can see the truth.

I’m fortunate enough to have great contributors to the site. Without them, I’d have to do all the writing and the site would be very one-sided. They provide valuable and varied content.

Thanks very much for your message. It really made my day!

Jennie replied:

You’re welcome! As for the issue of you bashing Wickenburg, I personally found it refreshing to see a site which included people’s negative feelings as well as positive ones. That’s what gives your site the personal touch and stops it seeming like yet another piece of bland propaganda. No town is perfect — it’s when you can fall in love with it anyway that it’s clearly something special.

It’s refreshing to be understood, to get feedback from someone who understands that you need to take the good with the bad to get the whole picture.

Jennie’s message came at the perfect time. I was just beginning to think that maybe it was time to turn wickenburg-az.com over to someone else, to give up on my efforts to share information about Wickenburg with anyone who cares to know. Jennie’s message — and the articles coming in from site contributors — have convinced me that wickenburg-az.com is worth my efforts.

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4 comments to wickenburg-az.com Gets Praise from Overseas

  • Daryl

    Your site is heads above any others concerning Wickenburg, and has visitors as well. Please don’t think of handing it off to anyone else!

    Thanks again for all your work here!

  • Maria, do not give this site up. I read it as you tell the truth..we fell in love with Wickenburg for all the little shops, and friendly people..now the shops are gone, even the places we ate..we still have our land tho. All the articles are great and informative…thanks for the site.

  • Thanks very much for the support, folks. I really do appreciate it. We know the real story of Wickenburg.

    I just wish the town and Chamber would admit the problems and fix them already! They’re selling our town as something it’s not, and causing it to lose its uniqueness along the way.

  • Fred Stewart

    I have read this site a few times, and do say that it is very straightforward. or honest to the point it ruffles some feathers. personally I like it. I came out there in the late 60’s and it was a Great Place, the best place that I have ever been in M.H.O. I have been there ever since in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, with 1996 being the last time that I have had the pleasure of spending the winter there. over those years, many good friends have passed away, their businesses are no longer there. I hate to see it change to be like some other town. WICKENBURG IS UNIQUE let it be that way.
    I hope you can weather the Storms, Rocks and Mud that may be slung your way. STAY the COURSE. GOD BLESS YOU and Wickenburg.