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Obituary for the Tallest Saguaro

The Tallest Saguaro is now only a footnote in history.

Art Dorner of Sun City AZ reported, “I’m sorry to say that the tall saguaro cactus fell over on or about December 6, 2007. It was a beauty and I visited it many times,” in a comment to Allan Hall’s article, “The Spring Flower Show of 2005” posted on this web site.

It was a sight to behold, a magnificent towering desert sentinel standing guard near the mouth of Unida wash where it enters the Hassayampa River. The height was estimated to be 50-1/2 feet reported by Dana Burden, ref …

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Site Redesign


After nearly two full years with our WordPress-based Web site and its original design, I decided to update WordPress and completely redesign the site. What you’re seeing right now is the new design, based on a WordPress theme by Nurudin Jauhari.

About the New Design

I chose this design because it makes it possible to show off photos of Wickenburg in the header area while offering a clean, easy-to-read format for content. The page design is wider and looks better on computer monitors set to 1024×768 or wider. But if your screen isn’t quite that wide, you won’t be …

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Wickenburg's Christmas Lights

This past year, I’ve “rediscovered” photography as a hobby. I do a lot of traveling for Flying M Air day trips and excursions and have a lot of down time waiting for passengers. I’ve been taking along my camera and tripod and capturing some really great images of places like Sedona, Monument Valley, and the Grand Canyon.

I’ve also become very interested in night photography. A few years back, I drove into West Park on the west end of Wickenburg to photograph the Christmas lights with my point-and-shoot digital camera. This year, I stopped at a few places closer to …

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The Old Livery Mercantile

The Old Livery Mercantile is located at the intersection of Tegner and Apache Streets in downtown Wickenburg. Besides selling typical Arizona souvenirs, the Old Livery sells authentic Indian Jewelry and Artifacts, Southwestern Home Decor items, Pottery, and Cactus Inlaid furniture. The Old Livery also maintains a broad selection of knives, including Victorinox Swiss Army Knives, hand-inlaid Steep Mountain Knives, and affordable MTech Knives.

Both the Books and Music sections at the Old Livery have been expanded over the past several years. The book section includes works from local authors, including Dr. Martha Maxon, poet Carole Jarvis, and the late Dana …

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A Christmas story from long ago

The late Tuffy Peach of Camp Verde used to tell of carrying the U.S. mail from Payson to Camp Verde on horseback, a 52-mile trip that took 11 to 18 hours. …

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