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Wickenburg's Christmas Lights

This past year, I’ve “rediscovered” photography as a hobby. I do a lot of traveling for Flying M Air day trips and excursions and have a lot of down time waiting for passengers. I’ve been taking along my camera and tripod and capturing some really great images of places like Sedona, Monument Valley, and the Grand Canyon.

I’ve also become very interested in night photography. A few years back, I drove into West Park on the west end of Wickenburg to photograph the Christmas lights with my point-and-shoot digital camera. This year, I stopped at a few places closer to downtown with my Nikon D80 and a good, steady tripod. These are the photos I captured.

The Town Christmas Tree

Wickenburg's Christmas TreeI’m extremely pleased that Wickenburg has finally moved the town Christmas tree to a more parklike setting. No, they didn’t actually move the tree. They just chose a different one.

(Those of you who know Wickenburg may have memories of townspeople celebrating the lighting of the Town tree on the busy corner of Tegner and Wickenburg Way while semi trucks thundered by. What were they thinking?)

This tree is in the park near Town Hall and the library. And no, my photo isn’t crooked. It’s the tree. But I think that gives it a lot of charm.

Christmas on Genung Street

In traveling around town to find some festive homes, we wound up on Genung, a pleasant residential street north of Coffinger Park. (I’m not sure if it’s one of the streets that will be affected by the planned “bypass” the Town and Chamber so sorely want; I sure hope not.)

As I stopped to take this first picture, the homeowner was out covering one of her plants to protect it from the expected cold weather that night. I told her I was taking photos of Christmas lights and asked if I could photograph her home. She gave me permission, then added that I sure came to the right street for lights. She was right. All three of these photos were taken on Genung.

Genung Christmas

Genung Christmas

Genung Christmas

Ocotillo Professional Plaza

As usual, the owners of Ocotillo Professional Plaza on West Wickenburg way have set up a Christmas light show. The lights flash and blink in time with music. It’s a good show and can be enjoyed safely from across the street. I’m thinking of going back out with my video camera one night; this is certainly YouTube worthy!

The trick for this photo was getting the lights on in the right combination. I took about a dozen shots. I like this one the best, even though it wasn’t the brightest.

Ocotillo Prfoessional Plaza

Your Pictures

Do you have photos of Wickenburg’s Christmas lights? If so, let us know. We’ll send you an e-mail address you can send them to. If they arrive before Christmas, we’ll put them on this site.

And from all of us at Wickenburg-az.com, have a happy holiday season!

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