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More Photos Wanted

I want to start out by thanking the folks who have contributed their photos to wickenburg-az.com over the years. Our Photo Tours topic area remains one of the most popular areas on the site.

I also want to point out that our new site format makes it possible to display much larger photos than before. So while older posts have decidedly small images, all new posts — including those that contain only photos — will have images up to 504 pixels wide (that’s 7 inches at 72 dpi).

I’d like to encourage other Wickenburg shutterbugs to submit their photos for …

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Upper Hassayampa Still Flows

Tom Rubin’s latest posting of the recent storm gave welcome evidence of the Hassayampa River flow through Wickenburg on January 7th. As usually happens, the surface flow through town ceased within a couple of days and the riverbed returned to its normal “underground” state.

As this photo shows, however, the upper Hassayampa watershed is still delivering precious water. The photo was taken at the confluence of Slim Jim Creek and the Hassayampa this past Saturday, January 12th.

Hikers should be advised that the upstream flow from this point may continue to be thirty feet or more in width through January. …

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Wickenburg in Winter

After three and a half years now in Wickenburg, I remain enthralled with the setting, and always feel some sense of excitement when I arrive from Phoenix. Last Monday, after a rainy weekend spent mostly in the office, my later than usual Monday arrival was blessed with some extraordinary winter views.

Taken right from my house, here are two photos. In the second, looking north, you can see water in the Hassayampa River, a fairly rare sight.


The Best Things about January in Wickenburg

January is here and with it comes the start of the first “good time” of the year in the Arizona desert. As anyone can tell you, there are two good times of the year in this area: spring and fall. Although winter is not bad — at least not by northeast and midwest standards — it’s not nearly as pleasant as what’s to come. And everyone knows that summer is just plain hell.

There are three things that make January especially good:

The days (and often nights) start getting warmer.

This is completely at odds with the way things are …

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Moose Drool and Other Droppings, December Report

Litter removal along Constellation and Buckhorn Roads during the months of November and December saw a dramatic surge in statistics. The last report, dated November 4th, ended with 478 pieces of litter. We ended the month of December with 1209 bottles, cans and other liquid containers. That represents a 153% increase over all previous weeks of reporting. This doesn’t come close to the actual volume of litter collected by everyone, but we hope you get the idea that these areas are a dumping ground for slobs.

One rancher recently told the Moose Brigade that he removed more than 300 cans …

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