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Moose Drool and Other Droppings, December Report

Litter removal along Constellation and Buckhorn Roads during the months of November and December saw a dramatic surge in statistics. The last report, dated November 4th, ended with 478 pieces of litter. We ended the month of December with 1209 bottles, cans and other liquid containers. That represents a 153% increase over all previous weeks of reporting. This doesn’t come close to the actual volume of litter collected by everyone, but we hope you get the idea that these areas are a dumping ground for slobs.

One rancher recently told the Moose Brigade that he removed more than 300 cans and bottles in his area after a single holiday weekend.

There seems to be a major connection between “target” shooting and alcoholic litter east of Wickenburg. We found one spot where a shooter expended 200 rounds of pistol ammo. This individual evidently could not engage in his/her recreational activity without consuming a six-pack of Coors, which was left behind along with the ammo boxes and shell casings. This particular location is very close to a road that leads to a nearby ranch. Someone could be killed in this area and the target shooter might never know.

We began our report on August 24th with the knowledge that this represented a low point in seasonal litter collection. As stated in our previous articles, this constitutes the “background level” of litter along Constellation and Buckhorn Roads. We have now added 731 cans and bottles in only 57 days. Here is the report that ended on November 30th:

Moose Drool Page 1

Moose Drool Page 2


  • Anheuser-Busch products continue to lead all categories of litter with 47.5%. When measured only against alcoholic beverages, Anheuser-Busch represents more than 62.7% of litter. Based upon the putative argument that A-B enjoys a roughly 50% share in the U.S. market, the litterbugs who toss these containers onto our scenic habitat would appear to be well “above average” in a statistical sense. The sheer volume of A-B litter makes these products particularly conspicuous; so, without intending to insult anyone other than these litterbugs, we will continue to characterize them as the unrivaled “Kings of Litter.”
  • Alcoholic litter leads by 75.7% — a significant jump over the last report.
  • 54% of all alcoholic litter is now comprised of bottles.
  • Some locations we have visited have thousands of pieces of broken glass that can probably never be entirely removed.
  • We added 75 discarded bottles of Corona beer from a single location in two days of litter removal. This site is adjacent to the Wickenburg Sportsman’s Club — between Constellation Road and the gated entrance to the shooting range. Hello, Wickenburg Police Department??
  • These statistics do not include litter collection made by other individuals.
  • Although we remove many other types of litter, we omit items such as discarded toilets, Zippo Lighter Fluid containers (people who flunked out of Cub Scouts?), cardboard beer packs and other items that require the use of surgical gloves or booster shots.
  • The Moose Brigade has still not located another bottle of “Moose Drool” beer, which is our symbolic emblem.
  • Calamity Wash, which is just beyond the pavement as you head out Constellation Road, is a persistent litter point. This location also seems to attract target shooters who may not realize or care that hikers may be in the area.
  • We also located another spot where we removed 272 cans and bottles within a radius of approximately 100 feet. See the map location below. In case local law enforcement agencies do not recognize this persistent party spot, the GPS coordinates are: N 33 deg. 59′ 56.1″ by W 112 deg. 39′ 20.5″ (NAD27) east of Blue Tank Road and a bit south of Constellation Road.

Location of major litter point:
Major Litter Point

Littering is not accidental. Join the Moose Brigade in our endeavor to keep the area beautiful: pickup, classify, and toss the litter in a collection bin; but send us the results of your findings by adding a comment to this article.

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2 comments to Moose Drool and Other Droppings, December Report

  • Debi Main

    As many of you know with the passing of Dana Burden, Wickeknburg Clean and Beautiful has become obsolete. We have many pic-stiks and buckets that we would possibly like to donate them and I have another question I would like to ask whom ever and can be contacted at 231-2138.

  • Moose Brigade

    Hello Debi:
    Thanks for that kind offer!
    One thing that would really be nice would be the type of trash bags that are used for roadside litter collection on our highways.

    Someone will give you a call within the next day or two…