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Group Hike Scheduled

Allan Hall, Lee Pearson, and several other experienced hikers have graciously agreed to lead a group hike in the Lower Slim Jim Creek area northeast of Wickenburg. This will be the second group outing organized by wickenburg-az.com authors — the first was a 4WD trip to Bradshaw’s Grave in late 2006 that attracted 31 people.

This trip is planned for March 15, 2008 with a “weather date” of March 22, 2008. This is a hike — not a 4WD trip — so it’s vital that you wear appropriate footwear, carry water, bring a bag lunch, and be prepared to walk.

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A Foggy Morning in Wickenburg

On Saturday morning, my company, Flying M Air, was due to appear at the annual Buckeye Air Fair, a wonderful family event at the Buckeye Municipal Airport. I’d been asked to offer helicopter rides there for the fourth year in a row and I really looked forward to the event.

Unfortunately, our flight from Wickenburg was delayed by fog! As anyone who lives in the desert can tell you, fog is a very uncommon weather phenomena here. In fact, I don’t think we get fog more than once or twice a year — if at all.

After a false start, …

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BBB Taxes to Chamber of Commerce?

Updated February 14, 2008: The February 19, 2008 Town Council Meeting will discuss and approve the granting of our tax dollars to multiple private organizations. Is this what Wickenburg residents want? If not, attend the meeting at Town Hall at 5:30 PM on Tuesday, February 19 and make your voice heard. Stop letting our tax dollars benefit a few private organizations and their private agendas.

I don’t know how many Wickenburg residents realize this, but the Wickenburg Chamber of Commerce, which supposedly exists to support its paying members, regularly gets funding from the BBB taxes collected at Wickenburg restaurants, bars, …

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Sophie's Flat Trailhead Kiosk

For 10 years, the Wickenburg Conservation Foundation (WCF) has worked to preserve the Western heritage of the area and to provide future benefits based on the scenic beauty and outdoor lifestyle available in the Wickenburg area.

WCF Trails Committee members and other local riders, hikers and mountain bikers have used GPS units to track and document nearly 500 miles of trails during the past two years. Generous donations of labor, material, equipment, and funding from businesses, organizations and individuals have culminated in the establishment of the first information kiosk. The pictured kiosk marks trailheads located on Sophie’s Flat, several miles …

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Observations on a Vision for Wickenburg – Part 5

If we value the legacy of Wickenburg, then preserving its culture, history and habitat offers the hope that we can carry them forward to future generations in a way that is faithful to the past.

In Part 5 of this series, I attempt to articulate a vision statement which deals with an aspect of Wickenburg that virtually defines its beauty and attraction to residents and visitors alike. That is — scenic open space — and particularly the places where there are horse and hiking trails. As with my article in Part 4, “Conservation — Light Pollution vs. Dark Skies,” open …

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