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Sophie's Flat Trailhead Kiosk

For 10 years, the Wickenburg Conservation Foundation (WCF) has worked to preserve the Western heritage of the area and to provide future benefits based on the scenic beauty and outdoor lifestyle available in the Wickenburg area.

WCF Trails Committee members and other local riders, hikers and mountain bikers have used GPS units to track and document nearly 500 miles of trails during the past two years. Generous donations of labor, material, equipment, and funding from businesses, organizations and individuals have culminated in the establishment of the first information kiosk. Sophie’s Flat Trailhead KioskThe pictured kiosk marks trailheads located on Sophie’s Flat, several miles east of Wickenburg off the Blue Tank road. To complete this phase, maps and trail guides need to be developed, trails marked with carsonites (signage) and trailhead area graveled.

Sophie’s Flat represents only a portion of the trails around the greater Wickenburg area. Much remains to be accomplished. A critical aspect of this effort is that nearly all the trails cross BLM, State (within Yavapai and Maricopa counties) and private properties. Trail preservation success requires the cooperation of all parties. For a complete discussion of the issues and concerns see Allan Hall’s article, Observations on a Vision for Wickenburg – Part 5 posted on this site.

Appreciation is extended to those organizations and businesses that participated in this initial effort: BLM, Johnson Lumber, Ace Hardware, Grantham Fence Company, WCF/Trail committee members and friends and to those who have made donations: WCF, BLM, Fox Trotters Association and Lone Rangers Riding Group.

Some goals of the WCF are to assume responsibility for the late Dana Burden’s inactive Wickenburg Clean and Beautiful group that is now managed by Debi Main; to write grants for additional funds; and to pursue land trust donations of properties that have trail crossings.

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3 comments to Sophie's Flat Trailhead Kiosk

  • Daryl

    Does WCF have a website? Where can we learn of meetings and activities before they happen? Didn’t notice any thing about this project until I saw it in the Sun and here after the fact.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Zan Ferrin

    Great work! Looks like you trails committee is doing some important projects. I am a Boy Scout working on a service project to protect trails in Northern Utah. I am in the process in putting up an imformation kiosk in several of our canyons. I would like to pattern my kiosk after your kiosk at Sophie’s Flat TrailHead. Can you please provide me any details regarding demention design or list of materials. Thanks for your help and good luck with your efforts.

  • Allan Hall

    Hello Zan,
    Lee Pearson, the gentleman who wrote this article, passed away in February of this year. On his behalf allow me to provide you the following information:

    The kiosk at Sophie’s Flat conforms to BLM specifications in terms of design, materials and installation.

    As noted in Lee’s article, donations were provided by several organizations and some materials and labor were contributed by local firms.

    I recommend that you contact Penny Foreman, the principal BLM representative to the Wickenburg Trails Committee for details about the design specs for the kiosk. She can be reached via email at Penny_Foreman@blm.gov.

    Penny and several others at the BLM have been very supportive. Please also mention Lee’s article to her as your reference source.
    Good luck in your project!