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Desert Clean-Up Volunteers Needed

The Wickenburg Conservation Foundation, recognizing the immense value of cleaning up the desert, recently assumed responsibility for the Wickenburg Clean and Beautiful program that was begun quite a number of years ago by Dana Burden (deceased), Tom Riggs, and John and Debi Main.

The help of groups and individuals is needed to continue improving our surrounding areas. If you can volunteer for desert clean-up activities, please submit your name, phone number, eMail address and preferred clean-up dates to Lee Pearson at WCF.WCB@GMAIL.COM, call 928-684-7473, or write to Wickenburg Conservation Foundation, Wickenburg Clean & Beautiful, P.O. Box 20008, Wickenburg AZ 85358.

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Your Call is Important to Us

Candidates for president are nattering about a failing economy, national defense, and the cost of health care. …

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Spectacular Explosion of Mexican Poppies

The Mexican Poppies have burst into bloom on the southern and western-facing mountainsides east of Wickenburg. If you have an opportunity to travel that direction during the spring bloom season, you will be rewarded with close-up and distant views of hills and peaks that are brightly painted with the yellow-gold color of poppies.

This photo shows the southern hillside above King Solomon Gulch as you approach the Unida Mine Group on Constellation Road.

Even the distant mountainsides will provide spectacular scenes with thousands of poppies. Some of these bright slopes are visible from more than five miles away.

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Restoring a Pioneer Cemetery at Black Rock Mine

We are surrounded by the rich history of mining and ranching pioneers who settled and developed the area around Wickenburg. Sometimes, the evidence of pioneer activity is very clear; it may appear as a visually prominent feature, such as the tailing pile of a long abandoned mine in the distance. At other times, a curious shadow may reveal the opening of a mine adit at one time of day, or conceal its presence at other times. More often, however, it is very subtle, appearing as a hidden miner’s rock cabin, an old water casement or a dry stack wall or …

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