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Desert Clean-Up Volunteers Needed

The Wickenburg Conservation Foundation, recognizing the immense value of cleaning up the desert, recently assumed responsibility for the Wickenburg Clean and Beautiful program that was begun quite a number of years ago by Dana Burden (deceased), Tom Riggs, and John and Debi Main.

The help of groups and individuals is needed to continue improving our surrounding areas. If you can volunteer for desert clean-up activities, please submit your name, phone number, eMail address and preferred clean-up dates to Lee Pearson at WCF.WCB@GMAIL.COM, call 928-684-7473, or write to Wickenburg Conservation Foundation, Wickenburg Clean & Beautiful, P.O. Box 20008, Wickenburg AZ 85358.

Primary clean-up sites are the Hassayampa River bed from the Hassayampa River Preserve north to Box Canyon and beyond, Blue Tank road, Rincon road, Constellation road including Calamity Wash and South Vulture Mine Road, including the radio tower area. Anyone knowing of other littered sites can identify them with routing and/or GPS coordinates.

Volunteers will be provided with pik sticks, gloves, buckets and/or garbage bags. Dumpsters will be provided. Trailers and/or trucks will be used to remove the garbage bags during and after collection as appropriate. The tradition of providing refreshments for those who participate in the desert clean-up will be continued. Participants have a wonderful opportunity of meeting other conscientious residents who enjoy the beautiful and great outdoors surrounding Wickenburg.

Dates and locations where clean-ups are planned will be published and registered volunteers will be notified.

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2 comments to Desert Clean-Up Volunteers Needed

  • Moose Brigade

    You can sign up the Moose Brigade for continued litter removal on Constellation and Buckhorn Roads!

    It would be terrific if we could find a way to compile litter statistics on Scenic Loop Drive, Box Canyon and South Vulture Mine Road. As you know, these are major trash dumps.

  • Daryl


    Everytime I go out, I come back with a load of aluminum for the veterans.
    I find more along roads than trails. At least aluminum has value as a recycable, unlike the plastic and fast food trash.

    Keep up the good work!