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Hiking the ATOS Loop Trail

by Lee Pearson and Allan Hall

Many of you may be familiar with the great book on horse and hiking trails written by Dana Burden titled “Hiking Out Wickenburg Way”. In his book, Dana documented trails that lead to the ATOS Mine and Balanced Rock, east of Wickenburg. This article ties these two trails together and links them to a third trail that passes from the Hassayampa River up Slim Jim Creek; creating what is essentially a closed-loop trail that is 4.72 miles in length.

We have little doubt that Dana knew about the Slim Jim Creek segment, but he …

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Passion Aglow

It’s been a while since I’ve bitched out loud about APS — taking a reckless short cut — destroying the priceless beauty of my Wickenburg neighborhood. It always festers and hurts, but particularly so, when from my hilltop milieu, mother nature beckons me to capture a sunset like yesterday’s.

Beavertail in Bloom

Here is a photo I took this morning of a Beavertail cactus bloom with a bee harvesting pollen.

Group Hike Scheduled for Upper Hassayampa River Wilderness

Lee Pearson and I are scheduling a hike in the upper Hassayampa River Canyon Wilderness Area on Saturday May 17th. The hike distance will be 2.7 miles from Williams Ranch to Buckskin Canyon, with the return leg following the same route.

This is a uniquely beautiful riparian habitat and mid-May promises another great show of flowers along the river banks. The migratory birds will be nesting in the river willows and there are always abundant signs of four-footed critters on this stretch of the river.

We hiked this area on April 12th to check out river conditions and spring growth. …

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Annual Desert Caballeros Ride Gets Underway

I got stuck in traffic going through Wickenburg today. Although traffic these days is usually caused by downtown construction and Las Vegas drive-through cars and trucks, today’s traffic was caused by the annual parade for the Desert Caballeros Ride. One of the few remaining things that helps Wickenburg keep its Western Heritage alive, this members/invitees-only event attracts about a hundred riders from all over the southwest for a five day ride in the desert.

The ride was just making its way across the bridge on the Hassayama River when I snapped this photo.

Best wishes to all riders for a …

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