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Moose Drool and Other Droppings, March Report

The rate of litter along Constellation and Buckhorn Roads from January through March may have been moderated by the damp and chilly conditions, particularly in January when there was a significant drop in recreational activity. In our last report we ended the two months of November-December with 1209 containers. As of March 31 the total of collected litter rose modestly to 1417 cans, glass bottles and other liquid containers.

The Moose Brigade has also seen more folks removing litter in some areas, so we congratulate their efforts to help maintain a clean and beautiful habitat. While we are on that subject, a reader contacted us about revitalizing the “Wickenburg Clean and Beautiful” program that was originated by Dana Burden. We were happy to connect this program with the Wickenburg Conservation Foundation, who will take over the administration. For more information, see the article by Lee Pearson titled “Desert Clean-Up Volunteers Needed.” The Moose Brigade will continue its work in our chosen area and will also enthusiastically support the WC&B program.

There is additional good news regarding one area where we removed nearly 300 pieces of litter. Nearby land owners have posted “No Trespassing” signs and installed a gate. The area has remained clean for the past three months. Unfortunately, several other litter hot spots (including Calamity Wash) continue to be used by target shooters while consuming a six-pack or case of their favorite brew. This is a distinctly unsafe combination of activities.

We have, thus far, picked up twenty liter or multi-liter bottles of bourbon, vodka, tequila and schnapps. Be careful out there, folks. You never know if the person driving toward you is operating with diminished capacity.

Here is the report that ended on March 31st:

Moose Drool March 1

Moose Drool March 2


  • Anheuser-Busch products continue to lead all categories of litter with 45.9%. When measured only against alcoholic beverages, Anheuser-Busch represents more than 61.8% of litter. The litterbugs who toss these containers onto our scenic habitat continue to be well “above average” in a statistical sense. The Moose Brigade will, therefore, still characterize these people as the unrivaled “Kings of Litter.”
  • Alcoholic products continue to dominate litter with 74.3%.
  • As usual, our statistics do not include litter removed by others.

As we’ve said before, littering is not accidental. Join the Moose Brigade or the Wickenburg Clean and Beautiful program in our endeavor to keep the area spotless and scenic: pickup, classify, and toss the litter in a collection bin; but send us the results of your findings by adding a comment to this article.

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1 comment to Moose Drool and Other Droppings, March Report

  • Moose Brigade

    The Moose Brigade may have become overly optimistic in its hope for a reduced rate of litter. The collection between April 1st -4th is 104 cans, bottles, plastic containers and cups.

    As we begin to work with the Wickenburg Clean and Beautiful program, we will expand the area of coverage reported in this posting. This will inevitably lead to a significant increase in the litter statistics.