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Passion Aglow

It’s been a while since I’ve bitched out loud about APS — taking a reckless short cut — destroying the priceless beauty of my Wickenburg neighborhood. It always festers and hurts, but particularly so, when from my hilltop milieu, mother nature beckons me to capture a sunset like yesterday’s.

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1 comment to Passion Aglow

  • Allan Hall

    Hello Tom:
    You probably have the most enviable view toward the west, north and east in all of Wickenburg! It is an enduring shame that APS chose the path of expediency when they constructed this power line.

    I don’t know much about the economics of power line construction, but I am compelled to think that trenching through this area would have cost less than the high line poles and could have been completed in just about the same length of time.

    There is an above ground power line to the west of my property that ruins any photographic efforts of monsoon storms over the Wickenburg and Bradshow Mountains. I have, on occasion, propped up a ladder on my roof so that I could take telephoto views of storm clouds that eliminate the irritating power line foreground. In your case, considering the angle of view in your beautiful photo, I suspect that you are unable to avoid the power lines in any photo.