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My Neighbor's Windmill

There were a few things that drew us to our house in Wickenburg back in 1997 — beyond the obvious benefits of living in a recently built home. Situated in a hilly and rocky area on the edge of town, our 2-1/2 acres of horse property ensured plenty of privacy. Indeed, to this day we often sleep with the curtains wide open to the night sky. We had few neighbors and the ones nearby were generally very quiet. The dirt road we shared with two neighboring homes was in such bad shape that we didn’t have to worry about strangers …

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Politicians Put the Brakes on Time

This morning I came across a bit of doggerel which I wrote during the dog days of 2001. I don’t remember writing it, but I know I didn’t steal it. Maybe this is how senility starts. …

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Hazy Sunset

The unusually hazy weather of late, provided last evening yet another Wickenburg sunset photo-op to add to my collection.

What's Blooming Now: May 2008

As summer approaches and the little moisture we got during this winter’s rainshowers completely dries up, the native desert plants go about their late spring business. A walk around my yard with my camera yielded these photographs of what’s blooming now.

First up, some prickly pear cactus flowers. This is an Engelmann’s Prickly Pear in our backyard, which displays yellow flowers each spring. These are the same cacti we harvest for young prickly pear pads this time of year. They’re great on the grill.


We also have a purple prickly pear cacti in the side yard. Its flowers are …

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Fossil Fools

As the 18-wheeler auto transporter passed us, one of the cars on its top tier was honking “Beep beep beep beep,” like when you’re trying to find your car in a parking lot. …

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