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The Wickenburg Massacre Site – An Enduring Mystery

At approximately 8:00 a.m. on the morning of November 5th, 1871, a stagecoach carrying seven passengers and driver was ambushed eight miles west of Wickenburg while en- route to Culling’s Well, Ehrenburg and San Bernardino. This event, which led to the death of seven people, quickly became the center of national attention. The driver and five male passengers were either killed instantly or died within minutes of the attack. Two wounded passengers (William Kruger and Mollie Sheppard) made a harrowing escape and were picked up by an eastbound mail wagon approximately five miles west of the ambush site after being …

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Lightning Bolt

I wouldn’t compare the Mexican scorch lizard to a lightning bolt. But I remember the time that lightning got hold of my brother Jake’s car, and it moved at a speed that would make a drag racer’s jaw drop. …

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Moose Brigade Report: April & May 2008

The Moose Bridge was pleased to join forces with the Wickenburg Clean and Beautiful program in mid-May in an effort to clean up a major trash site. Ten volunteers, in less than three hours, removed 3000 pounds of scrap metal and trash from an abandoned dump located on Blue Tank Road just off Rincon Road. Appreciation is extended to Sickles Sanitation Inc., Bureau of Land Management and especially to the conscientious, hard-working volunteers. In the fall, after the summer heat abates, another work party will be scheduled to remove the estimated 12000 pounds that remain at that site.

Please consider …

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A Real Scorcher

In the summer of 1897, a Phoenix entrepreneur had a bright idea. He figured he could profit by selling the large, beaded lizard known as the Gila monster to people back east, and to easterners who had just come to the desert. …

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