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Moose Brigade Report: April & May 2008

The Moose Bridge was pleased to join forces with the Wickenburg Clean and Beautiful program in mid-May in an effort to clean up a major trash site. Ten volunteers, in less than three hours, removed 3000 pounds of scrap metal and trash from an abandoned dump located on Blue Tank Road just off Rincon Road. Appreciation is extended to Sickles Sanitation Inc., Bureau of Land Management and especially to the conscientious, hard-working volunteers. In the fall, after the summer heat abates, another work party will be scheduled to remove the estimated 12000 pounds that remain at that site.

Please consider joining us next time. Additional groups and individuals are needed. If you wish to help in our desert clean-up activity, please submit your name, phone number, email address and preferred clean-up days to Lee Pearson at WCF.WCB@GMAIL.COM, call 928-684-7473, or write to Wickenburg Conservation Foundation, P.O. Box 20008, Wickenburg AZ 85358. Also, if you know of littered sites please identify them with routing and/or GPS coordinates for future cleanup planning.

Volunteers are provided with PIKSTICKS, gloves, buckets and garbage bags. Dumpsters, trailers and/or trucks are used to remove the trash. The tradition of providing refreshments for those who participate is being continued and all enjoyed lunch after their efforts. Participants have a wonderful opportunity to meet other conscientious residents who enjoy a clean and beautiful Wickenburg area.

Should you see littering or illegal dumping activity, note the time and location, license plate(s), type of litter and individuals (if possible) and report them on the litter hot-line 1-877-3LITTER (1-877-354-8837). State environmental officials are pushing for a tougher State law and increased public outreach to stop illegal dumping. Illegal dumping will be a class 1 misdemeanor with a $500 fine plus the cost for removal. Criminal littering or polluting will be not less than a $1000 fine. So violators heed the warning: “NO DUMPING, VIOLATORS WILL BE PROSECUTED.”

The Wickenburg Conservation Foundation recognized the immense value of cleaning up the desert and recently assumed responsibility for the Wickenburg Clean and Beautiful program that was begun several years ago by Dana Burden (deceased), Tom Riggs and John and Debi Main. This was the first effort to continue with that program.

Wickenburg Clean Up Crew
The WC&B clean up crew included (left to right) Dean Chickadonz, Allan Hall, Claire Abbruscato, Sharon Pearson, Dennis Orr, Dianne Poore, Alan Gross, John Burden and Dick Wertz. (Photo by Lee Pearson)

The Moose Brigade will continue its commitment to removing litter from the roads and trails along Constellation, Blue Tank and Buckhorn Roads throughout the year. Our collection of litter in these areas during April and May increased 30 percent over the last report dated March 31st. That is an increase from 1417 pieces (on March 31) to 2011 pieces by May 30th.

There is additional good news regarding one area where we removed nearly 300 pieces of litter last year. Nearby land owners have posted “No Trespassing” signs and installed a gate. The area has now remained clean for the past five months, so this is a sign of progress. Unfortunately, several other litter hotspots (including Calamity Wash) continue to be used by target shooters while consuming a six-pack or case of their favorite brew. This is a distinctly unsafe combination of activities.

Here is a “sobering” statistic: Moose Brigade has removed thirty-three containers of hard liqour since our reporting effort began. These are mostly liter and multi-liter containers of vodka, tequila, gin, and whiskey. Be careful out there folks – you never know if the person headed toward you is driving in a state of diminished capacity. Here is the Moose Drool report that ended on May 30th:

Litter Report Page 1
Litter Report Page 2


  1. The worst Litter hot spot in April and May goes to the large flat area above Sayer Spring in King Solomon Gulch. Many liquor and mixer bottles, along with 37 mixed-drink cups were removed from this site in April. The party folks actually bagged some of their trash, but left it behind for the animals to scatter to the wind.
  2. Anheuser-Busch products continue to lead all categories of litter with 43%. When measured only against alcoholic beverages, Anheuser-Busch represents more than 60% of litter.
  3. Alcoholic products continue to dominate litter with 72%.
  4. As usual, our statistics do not include litter removed by other citizens or the newly established Wickenburg Clean and Beautiful program.

As we’ve said before, littering is not accidental. Join the Moose Brigade or the Wickenburg Clean and Beautiful program in our endeavor to keep the area spotless and scenic.

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1 comment to Moose Brigade Report: April & May 2008

  • NancyLaycock

    Moose Drool, Thanks to all the volunteers, what would communities do without them. I am not a resident of Arizona but have many dear, relatives living there and some buried there. Keep up the good work.

    Nancy Marquis Laycock