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Scott Colbath on the Issues

I’ve been given the opportunity to write some words on my views of the major issues facing Wickenburg during this 2008 election. I will try to be brief, but now that I am being labeled as a “politician”, and the fact that I am an individual who seems to have way too much to say, the chances of this being brief are minimal at best. Bear with me.


I reluctantly support annexation. Why? Well, it is an expense for the town to annex new areas. There are additional costs associated with annexation, such as police and fire protection, and …

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Concern about September 2 Elections

I am very concerned about the Sept. 2nd Wickenburg Town Council and Mayoral election. I am concerned that my fellow citizens will avoid becoming involved in this very important contest.

I firmly believe that a strong Chamber of Commerce is not only beneficial to Wickenburg, but is very important to the careful future expansion of our town. But, when is the Chamber doing its job and when is it overly extending its boundaries and becoming too controlling? The Chamber has been way too involved in this election, in my humble opinion.

The Chamber receives a very healthy amount of money …

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