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Scott Colbath on the Issues

I’ve been given the opportunity to write some words on my views of the major issues facing Wickenburg during this 2008 election. I will try to be brief, but now that I am being labeled as a “politician”, and the fact that I am an individual who seems to have way too much to say, the chances of this being brief are minimal at best. Bear with me.


I reluctantly support annexation. Why? Well, it is an expense for the town to annex new areas. There are additional costs associated with annexation, such as police and fire protection, and street maintenance. Also, there are situations where the people in prospective areas that are to be annexed do not want to be annexed for any variety of reasons. I believe that the concerns of these people need to be heavily considered when they are facing annexation. After all, if elected, I am essentially a public servant who is in a position to make decisions based on the input of citizens who put me in this position. I am also a conduit for the voice of the people who are under consideration by the town to be annexed. That is what public service is all about. Listen to the people you represent.

The upside of annexation is that if we are able to annex the land surrounding Wickenburg, we have now disabled neighboring cities from taking control of these areas, and the destiny of these areas are now in the hands of Wickenburg and its citizens. Once we have annexed the surrounding areas, it is up to the citizens of Wickenburg to decide on how this land should be managed. If elected as a member of the town council, I will listen to you and base my decisions on your input. If at any time you feel that I am not properly representing the people of Wickenburg, I gladly accept a recall to remove me from office. I can not emphasize enough how important it is to me that I work for you, the people, and not anyone else.

I believe that all of us who live in Wickenburg want to have the ability to ride our horses in open space, see the stars on a clear night and enjoy the open space that we now have. Letting Surprise, Buckeye, or any other town take over land in the general area of Wickenburg is a guarantee that high density housing will be in our future. We will lose the open space. We will lose the dark skies. We will lose the horse trails, all at the hands of developers who promote high density housing.

If you do not believe this to be the case, I want to hear from you.

Economics and financial responsibility

I am a conservative spender. I believe that the bank account for the town of Wickenburg is no different than my own. I do not like to waste my own money and I will not waste the towns. Where there are opportunities to save a dollar, or avoid spending a dollar, I will be in the thick of it, trying to save money wherever I can.

Just like any other citizen in this town, I do not want to see my money wasted. Again, I want to hear from you if you feel that there is waste taking place in this town. This is your town as much as it is mine. Also, if you have ideas on how to save money or generate revenue for the town, I want to hear from you.

I feel that we can generate more income for the town by bringing in more people to Wickenburg for any number of reasons. We need to attract people by having more events in town, whether it be more rodeos, functions centered on the downtown district or some other way.


I hate taxes. Aren’t we taxed enough? I’d say it is at an insane level now. Do we want more? I think not. Too much of my paycheck goes to taxes before I ever see the remaining money. After the government takes much of my paycheck, more of my money goes towards taxes for my property, gas, tires, new vehicle registration, existing vehicle registration, personal income at a state level, and a variety of other things, such as our own BBB tax. I strongly oppose the BBB tax.

There is no equity in a tax in which all businesses in Wickenburg that offer “Bed, Board or Beverage”, are required to pay, yet only a few are benefiting in the downtown area. I see no way that Charley’s Steak House or Rancher’s Bar will benefit from this tax. If it were to be brought to a vote again while I was a council member, I would vote against it without a moment’s hesitation.

I also have an issue with the fact that we are in the process of allowing so many people to “bypass” down town, yet we are spending a ton of money to “attract” people by way of the down town beautification project that is being funded by the BBB tax.. I doubt that people will be attracted to our down town area based on some visual improvements made via an inequitable tax. They will likely stop on their own accord, having nothing to do with the money spent on making down town beautiful.

The last thing I would like to say is that I am running for the position of town council because I want to serve the community and be a voice of the people. I have no personal agenda other than to be a public servant. I hope that you feel the same way as I do about the big issues. If you have any other concerns, please contact me at scottcolbath@gmail.com or call me at 928-684-4947.

Thank you,
Scott Colbath

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