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Sun Continues to Edit Letters to Editor to Suit its Candidate's Needs

I am really beginning to get upset with the Wickenburg Sun and its editorial practices. They are very quick to accept letters printed in their entirety praising the candidates of their choice who are running for the local representative positions. When I write a letter perhaps critical of their candidate, I have seen time and again how they take special exception to their guidelines and edit out what they don’t want to be seen.

This past week I sent a letter to the editor where I offered up some advice and commentary on what I believe were some of Mayor …

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Winners of Morristown Elementary School's Art Contest

General Federated Women’s Club of Morristown sponsored an art contest at the local school. The children’s efforts were posted in the Morristown Volunteer Library in Old Main, on the school campus, for public review and voting. Those artists receiving the three highest number of votes will have their work posted in the 2009 GFWC Calendar, orders for which may be placed through Diane Peek at 623-388-0517. The top two winning sketchers were from Mrs. Moe’s third grade class: Melanie Meiers took first place and Kay Hastings took second. Third place went to Hannah Bentley, in Mrs. Merrill’s sixth grade class. …

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Yarnell, AZ: Where the Desert Breeze Meets the Mountain Air

text by Barbara Cowlin, US Route 89 Appreciation Society photos by James Cowlin (©2008 James Cowlin)

Yarnell is a quintessential example of what the US Route 89 project is all about. Who could guess that such a beautiful, unique and fascinating little town would be nestled on Route 89 between Wickenburg and Prescott? Certainly not those buzzing along on the Interstate, in a rush to get to their destinations!

The drive itself is worth the trip from either direction. From Wickenburg, the highway crosses the desert than ascends to Yarnell up the side of the Weaver mountains gaining 2,500 feet …

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