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Sun Continues to Edit Letters to Editor to Suit its Candidate's Needs

I am really beginning to get upset with the Wickenburg Sun and its editorial practices. They are very quick to accept letters printed in their entirety praising the candidates of their choice who are running for the local representative positions. When I write a letter perhaps critical of their candidate, I have seen time and again how they take special exception to their guidelines and edit out what they don’t want to be seen.

This past week I sent a letter to the editor where I offered up some advice and commentary on what I believe were some of Mayor Ron Badowski’s weaknesses and how he could perhaps consider them and possibly change the way he runs our government. The Wickenburg Sun, which makes it blatantly obvious each and every week who it is supportive of, cut the entire last sentence of my letter out. Let me know if you consider this last sentence to be endorsing any one particular candidate. That was the excuse Publisher Kevin Cloe gave me for not including it in the letter that was published in their newspaper.

Here it is, in its entirety:


I heard from a number of friends who attended the Town Council Meeting on October 6th that you were very critical of my recent letter to the editor.  One of the things you pointed out was that, when you get on an airplane, you sit in the back of the plane and don’t try to tell the pilot how to fly the airplane. Your attempt at an analogy was interesting, but I think it fell far short of making any sense. The difference between you and me is that I was not elected by my fellow citizens to represent their interests and goals.  In my capacity as an airline captain, I readily accept professional advice from my airline’s dispatchers and load planners and together we come up with a flight plan to follow.  I also listen to input from the flight attendants about issues they are dealing with.  I don’t arrive at work with my mind made up about everything before we even begin.

Mayor Badowski, you can be very charming when you want to.  I still remember the lunch that you and I and our wives enjoyed together a few years ago.  I think, almost from the get-go though, we both recognized that we were not going to see eye-to-eye on a number of issues. But I also think we respected each other enough to realize that we both have a right to our individual opinions.  I think the townspeople would be a lot happier with you if that was the kind of interaction you had with them on a consistent basis.

I was hoping that, instead of immediately objecting to my letter, you might have taken a minute to sit back and just accept an opinion and consider it. I think the recall 2 years ago and the results of the primary election a little over a month ago prominently showed that people are very unhappy with the way you run our government. The people I’ve spoken with think that you completely ignore the input from everyday citizens. I believe your use of the 3 minute clock is a slap in the face of people who have taken the time and effort to research and put together a presentation.  A well-documented display of this occurred back when the Ringwood project was railroaded through and you failed to listen to or even acknowledge the views of the many citizens who showed up to voice their opposition.

Also, your acceptance of campaign money through contributions from local developers and entrepreneurs, while not “legally” a conflict of interest, certainly presents the “appearance”€ of conflict, especially when you later vote almost unanimously in favor of these same contributor’s proposed developments and projects.

It is my opinion that the citizens of Wickenburg are stating that they want a leader who treats their thoughts and ideas with dignity and respect. I believe that if you continue to ignore the citizens as you have, you are not that leader.

Webmaster Note: Mr. Ferman is not the first person to complain to me about the Wickenburg Sun‘s obvious biases this and every election season. But he is one of the first to send me a complete copy of a letter he submitted to the Sun that was printed with vital content removed. Has the Sun also edited one of your election-issue letters before publishing it? Use the Contact Us form to send us the original version and we might reprint it in its entirety here.

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