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Business Directory

wickenburg-az.com is pleased to add a new feature to the site: a Business Directory. This feature offers absolutely free, no-strings-attached searchable listings for businesses and organizations in the Wickenburg area.

To view the Business Directory, click the Business Directory link at the top of any page. You’ll see a listing of all businesses that have been added to the directory. You can use a search feature at the top of the page to search for businesses by name or keyword.

To add your business or organization to the Business Directory, click the “Add Your Organization” link at the bottom of the Business Directory’s main page. Then use the form that appears to enter information about your company. Provide all applicable information. Be careful — entries cannot be edited once entered; if you make a mistake, you’ll have to start over. Please limit your descriptions to 200 words or less.

All entries must be approved by the administrator before they appear on the site. We will not approve any organizations that are not in the Wickenburg area — that’s Wickenburg, Congress, Yarnell, Peeples Valley, Forepaugh, Aguila, and Morristown only. We will not approve any organizations that exist online only.

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