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Calendar of Events

Did you know wickenburg-az.com maintains an interactive Calendar of Events in the Wickenburg area?

The calendar is accessible from two places on this site:

  • In the navigation sidebar’s Read These First! area, you’ll find a link to the calendar. Click the link to open a new browser page with the calendar inside it. You can use buttons on the calendar to switch between day, week, and month views and move forward or backward through dates. Clicking an item may display additional information about it.
  • Farther down in the navigation sidebar’s Upcoming Events area, you’ll find a list of the next five scheduled events. If no date appears for the first event, that means it’s today. If two or more events are scheduled for the same day, the date will only appear for the first event that day. You can also find anotehr link to the interactive calendar at the bottom of this area.

Our Calendar of Events lists only those events we’ve been notified about. This is all the information we have about these events. We do not have any information about any event that is not listed. Do not contact the Webmaster with questions about any event — she cannot help you.

If you want to list your organization’s upcoming events, send details that include the dates, times, event names, locations, and, if available, a Web link to more information. You can use the Contact Us button at the top of any page to get this information to us.

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