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Arizona, the License Plate State

A bunch of the boys were whooping it up at Hank’s Frost-Free Saloon when the talk turned to license plates. …

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Sophie's Flat Celebration

After over two years of effort by the Wickenburg Conservation Foundation in cooperation with the Bureau of Land Management the Sophie’s Flat Trailhead and Trail System is open for business. The opening celebration, held November 8, 2008, had over one hundred in attendance. Eighty horseback riders and several trekkers “tested” the newly marked trails after which all enjoyed a BBQ lunch catered by Charley’s Steak House. An official dedication is planned for this coming spring.

The trail system will become part of the official Arizona Trail System and was selected from some of the many trails that exist in …

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Say No to Power Lines

Over the last couple of months, I have been attending the line siting hearings for the proposed APS’ TS5 to TS9 500/230 KV Transmission Line through the Northwest Valley.   I am concerned that this entire affair is tantamount to a “land grab” by APS, which taxpayers are paying for now and in the future, by way of taxes, legal proceedings and impending rate increases.   I am also concerned about the appearance of collusion on the part of developers and the City of Peoria to place this line to the north along Scenic Highway 74. Furthermore, by siting this transmission line …

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