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Business Directory Reminder

Just a quick note to remind local businesses that our new Business Directory has become the most popular content on this site. Our activity logs show that more than half of the people who visit this site each day also visit the Business Directory.

If your business isn’t in the Directory, you are missing on a cost-free, no-strings-attached way to make contact with potential customers or clients. Why would you pass up this opportunity? Get listed now and tell the other local business owners you know.

Together, we can make this a valuable resource for Wickenburg residents and visitors — …

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PhotoJeeping: Off Constellation Road

Yesterday, Jack the Dog and I took my Jeep out on Constellation Road. It’s a dirt road that winds into the desert northeast of Wickenburg, past numerous mining sites. It was named for the town of Constellation, which is on many maps. But I’d driven and flown the area extensively and cannot find a trace of the town where it is supposed to be.

PhotoJeeping is like photowalking, but done in a Jeep. Sure, you get out and do some hiking now and then, but most transportation is by Jeep or other 4WD vehicle. I covered 40 miles yesterday, roundtrip, …

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