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Our New Used Car May Jump-start the Economy

A new kind of automobile rolled off a makeshift assembly line here last week, and it promises to bring new wealth to Wickenburg. If the idea catches on, it may help jump-start the economy of the nation, and maybe the whole world. …

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A Vulture Peak Hike

Another trip up the mountain.

On Sunday, my husband’s cousin and his girlfriend were in town from Seattle. They were bummed out because of the weather — it was rainy with low clouds — but we desert-dwellers were thrilled. We’ve had quite a bit of rain this winter and the desert is lush and green — or as lush as a desert can be, anyway. Every time it rains, we think about how much greener the grass between the cacti will get and how incredible the spring flowers will be in another month or so.

They wanted to do something …

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Javelina Among Us

Newly established residents and seasonal visitors frequently express curiosity about the javelina (collared peccary) that occupy the territory around Wickenburg. For those of us who are long time residents of rural Arizona, or who spend significant time in even more remote areas, we have become rather accustomed to these critters. Their nightly predation of the cacti and other plants prompts us to place chicken wire around our more costly plants and shrubs, generally to no avail. I’ve counted groups as large as nine on my property at night, but that is probably not close to a local record.

The collared …

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