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A Celebration of Life: In Memory of David Lee Pearson

If you have been a long-time visitor to our web site, you will know that Lee Pearson has been a frequent contributor of articles on hiking in the area around Wickenburg for a number of years. Lee has served in volunteer civic capacities supporting community initiatives such as the Wickenburg Trails Committee, Wickenburg Clean and Beautiful, and others. Although he originally hailed from Washington, he and Sharon made their home in Wickenburg and became steadfast supporters of the cultural and civic events of our community.

Lee passed away on February 22nd 2009 after a twenty-year battle with prostate cancer.

Lee and Friends on a Hike
Lee Pearson, Dennis Orr, and Allen Brown examining the surface features
on a hike to the ATOS Mine in February 2008.

Lee and I connected with each other several years ago through the wickenburg-az.com web site and became regular partners on discovery hikes in the remote areas around Wickenburg. We discovered old mines together, established and documented a few new hiking trails and dodged more than a few rattlesnakes over the years. He was a true gentleman and a quick friend to everyone he met.

Lee, my good friend, I will miss your companionship, your great knowledge and your humor; but I will always remember you as one who focused on bright prospects for the future. The trails will be a lot lonelier without you.

Lee’s many friends share the sadness of his passing and we extend our heartfelt sympathy to Sharon, his three children and family.

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5 comments to A Celebration of Life: In Memory of David Lee Pearson

  • Dan Schwimmer

    Best wishes and prayers go out to his family!

  • Penny Foreman

    Thank you for posting this eloquent article Allan. I just want to add that those of us at the Bureau of Land Managment Phoenix District Office who had the privilege to know and work with Lee will miss him greatly. We appreciated his enthusiasm, humor and great mapping skills, but most importantly his participation and leadership with the efforts of the Wickenburg Conservation Foundation and Wickenburg Clean & Beautiful. He possessed a genuine interest in, and caring for, our beautiful desert that did not go unnoticed. Happy Trails Lee, we were honored to have you as a friend!

  • Sharon Pearson

    Thank you Allan, Maria, Penny and all his/our other friends for sharing your memories of Lee. They mean a lot to me. Lee asked me several times to send an e-mail to his friends to let them know how much their friendship meant to him. I hope I successfully reached each of you with that information. I was very fortunate to have him as spouse for 52 years. My, how could we have aged so quickly? Sharon

  • Not only was Lee a great humanitarian, he was a great athelete and had a love of golf. I had the pleasure of golfing with him throughout the years including several times last year. I am grateful for that and for knowing Lee and Sharon for the past 30 years. They were always there to lend a helping hand during many events in my life. Thank you Lee – hit them straight up there.

  • doris ganton

    We , on the Amateur Radio airwaves, still miss Lee a lot. He was always such an upbeat and interesting contributor to our morning radio chats. In fact , we still often talk about him and everyone has such nice and good things to remember about him.
    I enjoyed the write up on the above site.
    Lee will be well remembered by many many different people in many walks of life.
    Doris Ve7mg