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Dry Stack Walls: A Pioneer Legacy, Part Three

Part Three: Heavy Walls and Foundations

The second article on Dry Stack Walls provided photos and interpretive text on the identification and construction of pack trails. Part Three describes walls that can be found at mines and settlements, including heavy walls for mining operations, retaining walls, corrals and foundations.

We have all visited (or seen at a distance) numerous mines that had no dry stack walls, even those of a humble or crude nature. Although the presence of walls is certainly not a confirmation that a mine achieved financial success, it does at least indicate that there was sufficient expectation …

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Our Commencement Speaker

Given the controversies over President Obama’s commencement speeches at ASU and Notre Dame, the Wickenburg Institute for Factual Diversity is playing it safe.  …

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What’s Blooming in My Yard

This is the time of year when all those prickly cacti call out for attention that isn’t painful. They’re starting to flower.

My husband and I planted every single plant within the wall that surrounds our immediate yard. The rest of our 2-1/2 acres is mostly as nature intended.

We planted desert plants because we live in the desert and see no reason to pour precious water into the ground if we don’t have to. That doesn’t mean that we don’t irrigate at all. We do — a little. But not much. You see, most of the plants are cacti.

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Dry Stack Walls: A Pioneer Legacy, Part Two

Part Two: Mine Trail Construction

This article – Part Two – deals with the smaller, less conspicuous trails that connected between major roads and mines of the pioneer era. Based upon my observations I am compelled to characterize ‘Mine (Pack) Trails’ as narrow routes that were suitable for horses and pack animals (mules and donkeys) and were, at best, able to accommodate wagons on a single path. In most of the examples I have studied however, even the use of small wagons would have been either highly tedious or completely impractical.

Owing to their narrower construction, and the fact that …

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They Called it 'Pork'

Fibber, our miniature schnauzer, doesn’t watch much TV. But he’s fascinated by the new Jack in the Box commercial that shows tiny cowboys herding cows about a foot tall. …

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