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Saguaro Flower Time-Lapse

I’ve been experimenting again with time-lapse photography. Instead of using a junky, low-resolution Webcam, I’ve been creating time-lapse movies with still images taken with my Nikon D80 digital SLR. The difference is incredible, and the flexibility of multiple lenses and a standalone setup makes it easy to shoot almost any subject.

Here’s an example of a movie I created a few weeks ago, when the saguaro cacti in my yard were blooming. Saguaros bloom at night and close up during the day. I wanted to capture the closing of the flowers, so I focused on a bunch of flowers at …

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Dry Stack Walls: A Pioneer Legacy, Part Five

Part Five: Rock Cabins

In Part Four of this series we examined a variety of dry stack terrace walls that are found at old mines and settlements. These were built to provide flat areas for housing and cemeteries. In Part 5 we conclude the series with a discussion of Dry Stack Cabins.

Our modern concept of a cabin probably conjures the notion of a place up in the high country where you go to relax on weekends and during the hot summer. This typical ‘cabin’ has hot and cold running water, a microwave oven, indoor shower and toilet, and may …

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You'll Get a Buzz Out of This

When I had my right hip replaced recently, the only replacement joint the surgeons could find in my size was manufactured in New Zealand. …

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Dry Stack Walls: A Pioneer Legacy, Part Four

Part Four: Terrace Walls

The third article on Dry Stack Walls provided photos and interpretive text on the identification and construction of walls that can be found at mines and settlements; including heavy walls for mining operations, corrals, retaining walls and foundations. Part Four describes walls built for the purpose of constructing terraces for housing and cemeteries.

Previous articles have focused on dry stack walls that were primarily built for transportation, mining activity and corrals. We now turn to walls that served a much more personal need – the construction of terraces for housing and for cemeteries. The fundamental purpose …

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The Walnut Grove Dam

In 1863, prospectors led by Joseph Walker and Pauline Weaver, discovered placer gold along the upper Hassayampa River, northeast of Wickenburg, and not too far north of Wickenburg, where a surface nuggets covered the ground on what came to be called Rich Hill. Gold fever resulted in a large influx of prospectors hoping to strike it rich. However the lack of water needed to placer mine brought disappointment and frustration. The Hassayampa has yearly cycles of a lot of water and no water in the summer. It was said that there was either enough water to float a steamboat or …

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