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Saguaro Flower Time-Lapse

I’ve been experimenting again with time-lapse photography. Instead of using a junky, low-resolution Webcam, I’ve been creating time-lapse movies with still images taken with my Nikon D80 digital SLR. The difference is incredible, and the flexibility of multiple lenses and a standalone setup makes it easy to shoot almost any subject.

Here’s an example of a movie I created a few weeks ago, when the saguaro cacti in my yard were blooming. Saguaros bloom at night and close up during the day. I wanted to capture the closing of the flowers, so I focused on a bunch of flowers at the top of one of my cacti. In the resulting movie, however, the clouds steal the show:

If you’d like to learn more about my recent time-lapse efforts, read “Time-Lapse Mania.” You can also click the time-lapse tag on my personal blog to see all of the time-lapse movies I’ve published on the Web.

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