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Monsoon Season Photos

Being short handed at the business lately, I’ve only been able to enjoy my Wickenburg retreat about one day a week. Focusing my attention more on each bit of beauty, I grab the camera often, not wanting to let one bit of it go. It’s all too beautiful not to share.

Sunrise at Wickenburg
Moisture from afternoon storms and the night’s light rain, helped create beautiful, layered mauve hues at sunrise.

Monsoon Clouds
Late yesterday morning, the usual Monsoon storms to the north were a-brew-in, with an interesting cloud formation in front.

Dark Sky in the Evening
Contrasts and hues yesterday evening to the east, after the storms had moved south. My driveway can be seen in the foreground.

A dove parked on the Greyhound fence, and for over 5 minutes watched me work at my desk.

This deer came right up to the window, actually scaring me. Notice the facial scars, but not the propane tank valve cover behind.

Bird on Cactus
This morning’s “damp” light also sponsored these beautiful cactus and sky hues.

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