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The Spin Cycle

One of the goodies Miss Ellie gave me for my birthday is a nifty little book about how things were in the year of my birth. …

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Arizona Storm Clouds Time-Lapse

Monsoon season is over, but the memory remains. Here’s the last time-lapse movie I created this season.

The forecast called for a 30% chance of rain late in the day yesterday, so I thought I’d set up my time-lapse camera and capture the cloud build-up. This video starts at about 7:20 AM and ends at 7:30 PM, right when it had gotten dark. The first 25 seconds is a typical Arizona day — perfectly blue sky with nothing going on. Then some light clouds chase each other across the sky. Finally, the storm builds and moves in. This is one …

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Inexactitude, and One-eyed Cacti

Kay Dixon Nichols was born in England, and now lives in Hawaii. She sent an e-mail to say that we appear to have refined “terminological inexactitude” to a new level. …

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About Frank Compton

A Brief Biography Of Frank Crampton With Emphasis On His Wickenburg Area Experiences In The Early 1900s.

Who was Frank Crampton?

Frank (Francis) Asbury Crampton was the author of a fascinating book entitled, Deep Enough: A Working Stiff in the Western Mining Camps. After reading references to this book in “Photo Jeeping off Constellation Road” by Maria Langer, Wickenburg-Az.com. January 2009, with comments by Allan Hall, I obtained a copy, and learned about Crampton’s adventures, especially in the Wickenburg area.

Figure 1. Cover of Deep Enough by Frank Crampton (1).

This book narrates Frank Crampton’s many human interest adventures and …

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Health Care Reform For Hypochondriacs

This is one of the proudest moments in the ten-year history of The Wickenburg Institute for Factual Diversity. We have been commissioned to develop a plan to reform health care for hypochondriacs. …

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