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F-16 Update: Air Force Moves Plane

The F-16 has been moved from between the runway and taxiway to the run-up area on the east end of the taxiway.

The first photo shows the jet sitting on a flatbed trailer. The second photo is a closer shot from a different location. You can see that the canopy has been closed and secured with a strap. Shortly after this shot they rotated the F-16 180 degrees so that the tail is near the truck cab.

I talked with Gus Haussler for a few minutes at the Master Aircraft hangar. He said there was discussion that the …

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Emergency Landing at Wickenburg Airport

An F-16D jet from Luke Air Force Base made an emergency landing at the Wickenburg Municipal Airport on Thursday, October 22nd. The jet, with a two-pilot crew, lost power at about 10:30 a.m. while on a training exercise and made a “dead stick” landing. As shown in the photo, the F-16 came to rest between the runway and taxi strip near the east end of the airport. The crew was not injured. Two other F-16s, that were part of the training mission, circled overhead for several minutes to assure that the pilots landed and had safely exited the jet.

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The Roundabout: Getting What You Wished For

The Wickenburg Bypass and Roundabouts became fully operational this past September 14th. A brief progress update includes the fact that lane striping was completed on schedule and no accidents have been reported through October 2nd in either the south or north Roundabout. That’s good news, of course. This is not to say that a few drivers seem to be a bit disoriented, but the traffic is flowing well and everyone seems to be observing the Yield Right of Way signs.

The best news is that traffic congestion has been eliminated on Tegner Street at the junction of US-60 and US-93. …

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