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By Jeep: Exploring the Desert North of Wickenburg

Since Mike and I each visited our families earlier this year and had no other plans for Christmas Day, we decided to take our cameras and my Jeep out into the desert north of Wickenburg to explore a few roads we’d never been on. The day was crystal clear with deep blue skies and only a scattering of high cirrus clouds. We left midday, right after lunch. We’d explore, from the ground, places I’d flown over countless times by helicopter.

Getting Started

Our journey started on Rincon Road, right off of Highway 89/30. It’s a right hand turn not far …

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Wickenburg's Tax Options

This is a letter to the editor of the Sun in a timely answer to a Cloe editorial on the same subject which was never published. Although the Sun denies receiving it and has offered to consider publishing it subject to their one month one article rule, my email records clearly show that it was received in the appropriate time frame. Printing it now would mute the desired effect anyway so I think another venue is needed.

The Letter

Editor, Wickenburg Sun

Ok, I’m relatively new here moving from New England about 5 years ago and I don’t really understand …

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