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Wickenburg Dark Sky Advocates

The Wickenburg Dark Sky Advocates is a political action committee, registered with the Town Clerk of the Town of Wickenburg, created to advocate for and support the Town of Wickenburg’s enactment of a Dark Sky Ordinance.

What is a Dark Sky Ordinance?

Dark Sky Ordinances are enacted to protect a community’s night skies from light pollution or urban glow which interferes with being able to see, at night, the starry beauty of deep, dark night skies.

Dark Sky Ordinances typically provide that outdoor lights, at night, should shine downward. Other typical provisions:

  • Lights should be turned off when not necessary.
  • Safety and security lighting to be provided with lights low to the ground as possible.
  • Grandfathering-in and phase-in times for non-conforming lighting.
  • Exceptions for police/fire emergency lighting, holiday lighting.

Carefree, Flagstaff, and Tucson have Dark Sky Ordinances. Yavapai County, Wickenburg’s immediate neighbor to the north, also has a Dark Sky Ordinance.

Why Wickenburg, Why Now?

Wickenburg, like other areas west of metro-Phoenix, is currently experiencing slow growth as part of the national economic situation but is poised for a growth spurt. To protect its night skies and to enhance its economic competitiveness as being a pleasant place to live and where property values are enhanced because quality of life is prized, Wickenburg should put a Dark Sky Ordinance in place now, before the next growth spurt takes place and achieving dark skies and accompanying benefits becomes more difficult.

You can become a Dark Sky advocate by:

  • Believing that the Town of Wickenburg should have a Dark Sky Ordinance.
  • Contributing $1.00 and signing up to allow your name to be known as a Dark Sky Advocate, to help advocate and support, and to receive information about progress in Dark Sky matters.

Say YES to helping preserve the beauty of Wickenburg’s night skies. Say YES to Wickenburg’s enacting a Dark Sky Ordinance. Say YES to being a Wickenburg Dark Sky Advocate.

Contact me to learn more about the Wickenburg Dark Sky Advocates organization: 928/684-3137

4 comments to Wickenburg Dark Sky Advocates

  • Allan Hall

    Kudos to you, Sharon Pearson and all others who have helped get your Dark Skies action group started. Would you explain to readers whether participation is limited to only residents within the town limits, or may anyone join your group? For example, I live in the county but have Wickenburg postal address.

    Dark skies and clear air were major factors in our selection of Wickenburg when we moved here ten years ago. Unfortunately, I have watched the steady degradation of our night skies.

    If participation is open to anyone who supports a Dark Sky Ordinance, then people who live even twenty-five miles from Wickenburg can have a voice.
    Keep up the good work!

  • Congratulations on your actions. Perhaps you might wish to join:

    #darkskies2010 20 March 2010, a worldwide celebration of starlit skies & protest against light pollution. Follow us at twitter.com/darkskies2010

    Best wishes

  • Ron Long

    I am definitely interested in supporting the Dark Sky activity for Wickenburg, particularly with the monstrosity that destroyed so many acres NW of town which, if ever completed would be the death of night time beauty in Wickenburg…Why is there no email connection for becoming involved and donating to this very worthwhile project? Thanks.

    • Ron: There’s a phone number listed: 928/684-3137. Why not call that?

      Listing e-mail addresses on Web pages is a surefire way to get an address scraped by a spammer. That’s likely why it was not provided.