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Rattlesnakes and You

But, it’s not that important to identify the rattlesnake, as medical crews in areas prone to snake bites (like some areas around Wickenburg) can often identify whether it was a pit viper just from the wound. …

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Abandoned Mines Part III: Preserving the "Whispering Ranch" Mine

In Part Two of this series, “Preserving Abandoned Mines – Protective Closures,” I explored some of the methods used to preserve abandoned mines that support wildlife habitats, including fences, gates and cupolas. While simple fences are easily constructed with inexpensive materials, they do not prevent a determined individual from entering an abandoned mine. When it is appropriate to preserve the underground habitats, it becomes necessary to use materials and construction methods that are far more robust.

About fourteen miles south of Wickenburg there is an abandoned mine shaft popularly known as the “Whispering Ranch” Mine. Its real name is lost …

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Sealing the Deal

The Journal of Prevarication Exasperating Literal-minded Scholars Since 1979

By Jim Cook Official State Liar of Arizona

Long-time friend Steve Auslander of Tucson wrote, “I wonder whether being an official state liar means the lies one tells are official lies. If it is so, then should not the lie bear some official status, such as a stamp declaring that the lie is official?”

This is what our design staff came up with:

Steve wrote a learned discourse on obfuscation, prevarication, equivocation, and the body waste of male cattle. We only have room to repeat the flattering part:

“I must …

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Abandoned Mines Part II: Protective Closures

Footnotes and References: [1] Access to BLM Abandoned Mine Lands policies and manuals can be reached via these web sites: Abandoned Mine Land Program Policy Manual Section (MS-3720) http://www.blm.gov/nhp/efoia/wo/manual/manuals.html AML National Strategic Plan http://www.blm.gov/nhp/efoia/wo/fy06/im2006-145attach1.pdf AML Website http://www.blm.gov/aml BLM Manual Sections http://www.blm.gov/nhp/efoia/wo/manual/manuals.html [2] Bureau of Land Management H-3720-1 Abandoned Mine Lands Policy Handbook. …

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It’s a Dry Tsunami

The Journal of Prevarication Here lies Jim Cook, Official State Liar of Arizona

The tsunami set off by the earthquake in Chile didn’t do much damage around the Pacific Rim, but it did cause a river surge in the Hassayampa.

A wave of sand half a meter high surged out of the Gila River near Arlington and rolled up the Hassayampa as far as Morristown, smashing against seven million acres of tumbleweeds.

We don’t have many big events like that around here. And yet we live by the weather, or lack of it. As we see reports of blizzards and …

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