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Goodbye, Old Bridge

On December 4th, 2009 the last support column for the old north bridge was pounded into rubble, bringing to a close the life of a bridge that served Wickenburg residents and countless travelers for seventy-three years. …

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Smuggling — Out Wickenburg Way, Part I: Foreword

He confirmed the following economy flight reservations: June 15 @ 07:25 — TACA # 42 from Quito, Ecuador to Lima, Peru June 15 @ 10:30 — TACA # 40 Lima, Peru to San Salvador, El Salvador June 15 @ 19:20 — TACA #411 San Salvador to San Pedro Sula, Honduras He also booked reservations for six nights at the Hotel Villa Nuria, on the outskirts of San Pedro Sula. …

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Encounters with the Greater Roadrunner (Geococcyx Californianus)

Recently a fascinating event happened as I watched an often-maligned predator who stood on the patio several feet from a large yellowbell bush. Suddenly he swiveled his head towards faint chirps. Lowering his body, he dashed into the bush,, returning with a struggling sparrow-sized baby quail held by the neck in his powerful beak. He ran down a path pursued by screeching parents. To quiet his prey, the roadrunner pounded it on the gravel, then rapidly ran away with his food dangling from his beak.

A few months before, I’d seen him or another roadrunner leap into the air, catch …

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The Great Dust Spill of 1935

The Journal of Prevarication The most trusted name in lying

By Jim Cook, Official State Liar of Arizona.

Big Jake, my older brother, was the first lumberjack at the Petrified Forest.

Jake never got much smarter. While he has not prospered, he has always added flavor to our family.

However, Jakes does tend to carry on about his one remaining goal in life: The establishment of Arizona Dust Storm National Park.

Jake thought he had it made when Bill Clinton was president. You may remember that near the end of his term, Clinton set aside several places he thought should …

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