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December is Wickenburg Photography Month!

Here’s your chance to show off your photos of Wickenburg!

Throughout the month of December, we’ll be showcasing photographs submitted by wickenburg-az.com readers. We encourage Wickenburg residents and visitors to share their images. Photos can be of any subject, as long as it shows off some aspect of life in Wickenburg. Photos will appear on the home page and then be archived in the Photo Tours pages.

Please submit photos in JPG or PNG format using our Contact form. Photo file size cannot exceed 1MB; if your photo is larger, use your image editing software to downsize it. (Hint: Reduce the resolution to 72 dpi and/or the photo size to no wider or taller than 8 inches.) Be sure to include your full name and e-mail address when submitting your photo. Also include a summary of at least 50 words to describe the photo, where it was taken, and what it depicts.

The fine print: By submitting a photo you give us permission to display it on the site. We reserve the right to exclude images we deem inappropriate for publication on the site.

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