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Rainy Desert Day Time-Lapse

I set up my time-lapse camera before dawn today, determined to catch the entire day’s weather as a time-lapse movie. The resulting movie covers more than 12 hours with 2,800 individual images.

The photos were shot on the southwest corner of Wickenburg. The knobby mountain visible in the first half of the movie is Vulture Peak. After the low clouds moved in, it disappeared from view.

While this isn’t my best effort, it is interesting to see how the weather moved in and changed direction throughout the day. Enjoy.

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3 comments to Rainy Desert Day Time-Lapse

  • John Creighton

    I enjoy keep-up the good work.

  • john darlington

    Cant wait to return will be staying with my cousin in Congress in May 2011 and must visit Wickenburg again this time with my wife, I just loved the town on my last visit two years ago.
    I`m retired ( my wife retires for school teaching in 18mths) How I wish we could retire to Wickenburg.
    Happy New Year to All in Maricopa County from the damp and cold city of Manchester in the north west of the UK

  • Paul Smith

    Thank you, Maria! Very cool video. We appreciate your efforts!