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Wickenburg Clouds Time-Lapse

One more time-lapse and then I’ll leave you folks alone.

I shot this yesterday from two different positions at my home in Wickenburg. The first segment shows pretty much the same view as the time-lapse I shot the day before: southeast to Vulture Peak. Much prettier with blue skies and sunlight, no? I especially like the way the sunlight moves across the ground as the sun climbs into the sky.

When I realized that there was more cloud action out the front of my house, I moved the camera there for the remaining video, which points northeast. It was an extremely windy day, with gusts to 30 MPH, and you can clearly see the wind in our palm tree and my neighbor’s palm tree on the horizon.

Again, I used the camera setting of one shot every 15 seconds, but instead of compiling at 30 fps as I did the day before, I compiled at only 15 fps. Oddly, even though I slowed down the movie speed by half, the clouds are still moving 2-3 times faster in this movie than the previous day’s. That’s because of the wind.

Here’s the movie. If you have high-speed internet, I recommend viewing at the 720p size, full-screen; use the controls at the bottom of the movie frame to set options.

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